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another neck thing

You know when you shorten a t-shirt and you just chop it off along the bottom, you’re left with a perfectly good loop of fabric?

– and you think, hmmm, this could be something – but what?

So, here’s a suggestion:


I made holes along one side with my Sharp hook, then dc-ed all round, then just made it up as I went with a couple rows dcs and some shells. Used Vinni’s DK Nikkim 100% cotton in purple-pink, I thought it made a lovely contrast with the grey. And honestly, it took about an hour!



Sheep is also keen on it, but got into a bit of a tangle trying to do the head wrap.

100_7441     100_7442

I said, “Listen, Sheep, if ewe like the colour so much I’ll make ewe your very own scarf, it doesn’t have to be an infinity loop thing.” I got a sheepish look in response.

Back soon x

some hats

I’m wondering why it took me so long to make a slouchie with Vinni’s amazing cotton! This is my variation on Jennifer Appleby’s lovely pattern for the Hot Cross Slouch (pattern here):


Yip, that’s me playing around with my camera and the mirror again….




It wasn’t going too badly until I tried to get a pic of the hat from the back, to show off the flower.  And then, a most professional profile shot:

100_6957  Snigger!

Next hat in progress, in raspberry pink:


And finally, on the subject of hats, Doreen showed me a beret she made ages ago, with no pattern of course, just straight out of her head. I have rummaged through books and the internet to find out how to do this vertical raised stitch but I’m not getting very far (probably because I’m inherently impatient).

Luckily Doreen doesn’t live too far away….. (unless any of you out there knows?)


Last of all, allow me to draw your attention to the link to my etsy shop in the right sidebar – took me yonks to get that right, and eventually I had to enlist the help of Ellen M in her Crafty Corner. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that to me, Ellen, you are now my crochet and wordpress tech guru!

Hope you all have an excellent weekend. Back soon x



good better Vinni’s

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… new cotton!

I knew it was being delivered this morning by courier so I was practically hanging on the gate looking down the road to catch first glimpse of the truck. For our Jam Tarts goodies, we’re pretty much only using cotton now and consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have a company in Cape Town that hand dyes and balls such beautiful quality cotton. Vinni’s Colours includes three different ranges – Nikkim, Bambi and Serina, and it’s SO HARD to have to choose from the range of colours and not just order every single one.



I felt I couldn’t very well write about our new stock without actually making something from it – herewith a dinky little heart that I found thanks to Lyn over at Craftaceous Period. Designed by Luba Davies and available on Ravelry, this is sweet and simple and took about 2 minutes to make.  That’s my kind of heart.


Just FYI, Vinni’s Colours is a wholesaler but if you want to get your hands on some of her wonderful yarn, why not order online through Maryanne over at Woolhogs (another fabulous  and proudly-South African business venture)?

To be continued…

* and in case anyone is wondering, No, neither Vinni nor Maryanne has asked me or paid me to promote their businesses! 


For many days now the creative side of me has been hibernating. None of the usual prompts are helping, so it seems I just have to endure this used-teabag feeling until it dissipates all by itself.

I have managed to do one thing, however, which frankly hasn’t required much in the way of creativity but at least my hands haven’t been idle. I recently ordered a Sharp crochet hook and very happy I am with it. For ages I’d been wanting to be able to crochet directly into the edge of blouses and blankets and cushions, and fiddled around with chain stitches and needles and all kinds of things before finally finding this little treasure.

I have edged some polar fleece blankets and two infinity scarves that definitely have potential:






The black stripey one has a shell edging in a silky yarn (I have no idea what I used, the label got lost) and I used Vinni’s dk cotton Nikkim for the paisley one in shocking pink. I quite like the little pyramid things but they were fiddly.

To be continued…(hopefully sooner rather than later)

It’s a cruet, cruet world

So, we have the first Spring Market at Kirstenbosch coming up this Sunday 30th September. Hoo ha.

Been busy with these salt and pepper sets (hence the pun!) (sorry – but you know how fond I am of puns!) :-

And these are my first attempts at the tuna can pincushion, à la Doreen.

My efforts still need tweaking – the sides of the lilac one go up too high, and the blue-grey one was the wrong size can altogether!!! (Maybe it was salmon? oops). But I’m working on a raspberry one now, and it’s looking better.  Please note – these guys are stuffed with dried lavender from Zimbabwe (courtesy of Doreen’s stash), which apparently prevents the pins and needles from rusting. I don’t know about that, but I do know that they smell wonderful.

Right, back to the coal salt mine.

To be continued…

Abba and two chameleons

There’s a new Chinese shop in Rondebosch, where the Bead Shop used to be and, before that, Fountain Framers.  And for entirely obvious reasons, it’s called Mama Mia.

Of course I had to go in and investigate. They were still packing shelves and putting things up on the walls. A tiny Chinese woman was sitting on top of some boxes swinging her tiny legs in time to an Abba song, while a tiny Chinese man staggered in and out between the shop and a truck parked on the pavement outside under the weight of a lot more boxes. This boded very well for me (as in, what goodies could be in all those boxes?) but perhaps not so well for the little wife, whose husband grunted and shot resentful looks her way while she rested and hummed.

I contained myself well and only made two purchases.  The first was a box of plasters, and only because I couldn’t resist the name and the packaging:

“skin colour”?  Hello…..this is South Africa! If you are one of the more than 45 million South Africans who does not have skin the colour of the hand on the box, then it’s not actually skin colour at all, is it? It’s just a very hideous dark salmon colour, so that is what the stupid box should say – “hideous salmon colour”.

Moving on.  I also bought a sweet little glass salt and pepper set, and last night I crocheted cosies for them.

Vinni’s DK cotton, a 3mm hook, 24 chain in a ring, 5 rows of treble clusters and one row of dc at the top, decreasing 3 in the row.  I’m rather proud of them, I think they turned out well. I suppose I could have got fancier and used more colours but I didn’t feel up to weaving in a lot of ends on something so tiny.

In the afternoon, my neighbour, Isabella, popped over to give me some advice on my garden, which really needs a new image.  While we were talking, we noticed these two beautiful boys getting all excited about the warm summer weather and the advent of newly hatched bugs.

Happy Tuesday to you all.

To be continued…

This and that

I thought I would have a nice break after our Open Day and before the Tulbagh Spring Arts Festival. I would get so much done. I would sort out my work room and have my car serviced and maybe even see a movie during the day. Now it’s almost time to prepare and pack for Tulbagh and I have done none of the aforementioned. But I have been busy…

I finished and delivered an order for three light fittings yesterday, for a person in my life who has only ever been supportive and kind and thoughtful. One of the fittings was for (what we now call) a Moomflower, the first one that was no longer experimental (i.e. doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, I can stick it in the spare room where no-one will see it.) Alison asked for maroon, red, grey and a tiny bit of yellow so it would complement the colours of her bedroom.

I wasn’t sure about the yellow flowers so I tried to minimise that sharpness of colour with a bit of maroon ribbon. A says she is delighted, but if she changes her mind about the yellow it’s easy enough to remove and replace them. The other two fittings were crocheted in Vinni’s 100% cotton in natural, just such a wonderful yarn to work with.

Thanks to Rachell in her Little Room somewhere in the UK, I am excited to be participating in a CROCHET-ALONG, have never done one before. I have ordered my copy of Jan Eaton’s book from Loot, and have voted for a theme, and feel like I’ve made it as a Serious Crochet Person :-) or should I say, a person Serious about Crochet?

So serious, in fact, that I have allowed myself to be talked into teaching someone how to crochet. Avril is a relatively new friend, and every now and then she sends me a photo from her phone of something she sees that makes her think of me – a flowery cushion in a shop window, a crochet book on sale, a sports car. Okay, not the sports car – just checking that you are concentrating here. Anyway, we are going to have a tutorial on Sunday, and I think we’ll start with a granny square. That’s what I started with, a million years ago, teaching myself from a library book on basic crochet.

In other news, I have a meeting to attend this afternoon and recklessly volunteered to contribute a plate of something edible for the tea afterwards. I’m going to try Stephanie’s recipe for Flourless Fat-free Chocolate Cookies, seems simple enough that even I can’t mess it up!

To be continued…