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Tree time

There is a forest of trees in my lounge right now:  25 wire and bead creations about to be boxed up and delivered to the marketing department of the company I used to work for, as a special order.

The trees were made with the help of Hilton and Shelton Marimo, and then fixed to silver bases with cascades of tiny stones by moi.  It was a lot of work but a great challenge.  No two trees are the same.  A rather lovely way of representing, I think, the individuality of each of the clients who will be receiving one.  Not to mention also a lovely way of supporting local business.

Local is lekker.  Local handmade is even more lekker!

To be continued…


raspberry shade

It occurred to me that a smaller paper pendant light (yes, I’m still obsessed) might also work as a fixed lampshade, with a bit of wire adjustment. Zenzo fiddled around with the metal expander and I fiddled around with some of Vinni’s cotton in raspberry – and now I have this:

There is a huge cold front about to hit us here in the western Cape, so I think I’d better stock up on groceries and dvds then get home quick and batten down the hatches. Crochet time!

PS. I’m trying out a new WordPress theme, Origin. I’m not convinced it’s for me but I’m going to play around with it for a bit.

To be continued…

shell we try something different?

I felt that Zenzo’s lampshades deserved a stitch I hadn’t tried before.  I riffled through my trusty old Mon Picot book of stitches and this caught my attention, although I can’t think why.  The photo does the stitch no justice, and the yellow is so disgusting that it offends my aesthetic discernment.   It is also called “shell stitch” but looks nothing like a shell to me – unless they were thinking of  mussel shells?  But I am perverse.  (I think now of Walt  Whitman who said, “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself. I am large and contain multitudes.”)


I tried the stitch. I got it all wrong. I ripped it out. I tried again.  It worked. I love it. I finished a whole lampshade. One down, nine to go.

I’m going to take it with me just now when I go down the road to return last night’s dvd and show it to Zenzo. It’s fine, he already knows I’m a bit daft (as Rowena would say).

To be continued…






and yet more lampshades

I took delivery of 10 stunning handmade wire lampshades from Zenzo yesterday.  I hope you can see from my pic how beautifully he has made them:

They are strong and sturdy and so much nicer than the factory-manufactured stuff.  I am determined to have all ten ready for our Open Day on 4 August, determined I tell you.

To be continued…




This time Zenzo ignored my brief almost entirely. I’d asked for zigzags but he went with loops.

But I think he knew what he was doing! I was so excited that I mirrored and tiled it up within 30 minutes of getting home.  It’s as yet ungrouted and unrubbed,  but I feel like I’ve invented the wheel or something.

Is it just me, or do you also think this is one of the most wire-alicious things you’ve ever seen?

To be continued…