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mitten smitten

I’ve been busy with fingerless handwarmers lately. Doreen had given me another pair of legwarmers, which have now been repurposed for man paws:
because Rob says he also gets cold in winter…

Following on the success of Nicola’s cowl last week, I made another one with matching fingerless mitts** and added a bit of furry yarn top and bottom. I posted this on the Jam Tarts facebook page and had a buyer within 15 minutes. Thanks, Mr Zuckerberg.

alex cream

And how’s this weather!? This pic was taken two days ago – Alex was in a bikini lying on the grass in the sun when I asked her to model up. It’s supposed to be WINTER here, hello!!!

Today a few of us gathered at Mama Roma in Newlands to celebrate Gwen’s birthday (although any excuse for a grub-fest will do). She’s still doing the early-morning school run, so I made her some mitts** in shocking pink to keep her hands warm on the steering wheel. Everyone thought they were cute (but not as cute as Gwen herself!)


** My “pattern” for these mitts: with dk yarn and a 5mm hook, ch 31. Work 18 rows in htr. Fold in half and stitch the seam, leaving a short gap for your thumb. Optional – work 1 or 2 rows of dc top and/or bottom in a contrasting yarn.

Back soon x

person cosy?

I had meant to finish this before casting on for the Kaya bolero thing, but I’ve been juggling between the two of them for a bit. Bolero almost done, pic tomorrow.

This is called a ‘capelet’, which I can’t actually bring myself to say out loud, I think it sounds so silly. I guess the designer can call it whatever she likes and so, for the sake of variety, allow me to put forward the suggestion that Alex’s friend Ash made this afternoon when I asked her to wear it for a photo:  “That’s so cute”, she said, “it’s like a person cosy”.

(You can just see Ash hovering around in the background there).



So, I quite enjoyed making it – about 65%, I’d say. It started off well but by Row 14, I’d got lost in the pattern so I had to improvise. Which I think I did fairly well, but not brilliantly. My person cosy has more flounce around the bottom than the original capelet (snicker), no doubt because I ended up with far more stitches than I was supposed to. heh.  Also, I probably wouldn’t choose to do it again in the same wool.  I used Elle Pure Gold DK and I think it has a bit too much droop for something like this.  I very much like the idea of this as a garment, though, because I think it can be used to jazz up a plain outfit easily or could even work as a modern type of bed jacket.

It was a free download from here, if anyone is interested. And now that I’ve just opened that link to check that it’s still good, I’ve seen the comments about the difficulties other people have had around row 14…hmmm!

Right, back to my knitting. Still hot and humid here this evening, I’m really getting fed up with the heat now. I WANT AUTUMN.

To be continued…

CAL with Rachel*, squares #5, #6 and #2 (repeat)

Squares #5 and #6 = fabulous patterns. I’m very pleased with my efforts here, and will definitely use the stitch in #5 in other projects. (I feel a lampshade coming up….)

Then I looked at my square #2 again, and thought I’d done it badly enough that I should rip out and redo it. So, that’s the third one in this pic.

I’d decided that square #7 was yucky and that I’d give it a miss, but I’ve looked at it more closely and realise that the built-in corner thingie could be pretty damn useful in a blanket. Plus, what puts me off the most is that emerald green – maybe I’ll like it more in my own colour combo. #8 and #9 look wonderful, but I’ll have to pace myself – got orders to finish over the next couple of days (not complaining, mind you!)

* Link to Rachel’s blog here.

To be continued…

Needlepoint and knangles

I have just put together a little needlepoint kit for an old customer of mine; she saw a photo of the ellie bag and decided it would be a good project to take with on her overseas trip to the states, as a large part of her time will be spent with her mom in a frail care centre.  Always nice to keep one’s hands busy.

When I got back home yesterday from work and the supermarket (all so boring boring boring), I sat myself down to start and finish the idea that was in my head for that circle of foam. Yes, it was foam – Dawn and Janet were both right but in slightly different ways, and Janet gets the box of smarties for wry humour (“a foam rubber circle – you could make one of those cushions you get to sit on after the episiotomy”) !!!


It’s the inner foam ring that gives wool doughnuts their shape.  See above. The wool is Elle Elite double knit and it has a lovely texture but it’s quite a thin double knit so I end up using it with something else for extra substance. Anyhow, I got it into my head that a knitted bangle would be just the latest trendy thing, so I knitted up a storm while watching my soap, and here is the finished product:

I call it the knangle (KN-itted b-ANGLE). I used a chunky Elle Timber in a dark red with light flecks, and 5.5mm needles; c/on 34, worked 22 rows stocking stitch, and bob’s your uncle. It’s really nice and snug and soft, and makes a change from the collection of jangly metal bangles I usually wear and that makes such a clatter and racket when I type. 

Or maybe it could just be a doughnut!?

To be continued…

Downton Abbey

The first series of Downton Abbey is currently being screened on DSTv on Sundays at 8.30pm (the rest of the world has probably seen series 1 through 56 already but never mind).  Last night we watched episode 3, and I got this far with the bellflower.  Just 25cm to go, and I’m starting to feel quite pleased with it.  It’s not the best pattern for a self-striping yarn, I know, but now that I’ve got the hang of it I’m definitely going to make a couple more.

And isn’t Maggie Smith just one of the best character actresses in the world?!

To be continued…