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wishing you all…

…a very happy and creative holiday season, whatever it is you do or don’t believe in. It’s definitely the time of year for a catch-up with family and friends, and for spreading a bit of love. And, as Sharon says, it’s not the time for laundry.

Here is my [very silly] contribution to the festivities:


It’s the telephone cable thingie at the entrance to the complex I live in. I realise not all the residents will like it but, as they say in the classics, “tough cookies”.

Back soon x

a WIP Wednesday

Seems like there’s a bit of a “work in progress-Wednesday” thing going on with the crafty blogs, so here’s what I’ve been fitting in every now and then.


You knew I was gonna come up with something like this one of these days, right!? It’s almost finished, and Alex made me drag it outside into the sunshine for a proper pic. Jessie (aka Flotsam) refused to sit on it but that’s because I used the sheep to model the blue hat yesterday, and not her, so she’s sulking.


I picked the stool up at some junk shop or other, with the idea of painting the legs and mosaicing the top. As far as I can remember, anyway. But I’m very pleased with my first yarnbomb effort and I’m starting to look at other things around here that might benefit from similar treatment. The couch? Bedside table? Jessie?

And I haven’t forgotten that midnight tonight is the cut-off time for picking someone’s name for the owl cushion give-away. It’s been such a fun and gratifying thing to do, I wish I could give everyone an owl!

Watch this space….  owl tog