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brown blanket

I spent most of last Friday at my mom’s holiday house down the coast, supervising some repair work.
I went snooping around, as one does, and uncovered this blanket, lurking in a cupboard.

brown blanket 2

I’d made it for my mother a few years ago and had clean forgotten about it. I’d used up lots of browns and beiges and a bit of rust, and it was like seeing an old friend.

brown blanket 1

Then I wondered if she’d miss it if it wasn’t there the next time she comes for a holiday….. I have my first market of the season just one week from today (the Heritage Day market┬áin Oranjezicht), and I’ve been too busy with my kits and freelance editing work to build up much stock. I think I have two items so far. Holy crap.

To be continued…