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patchwork pinny

So, the patchwork pinny that I made last week for Karen caught Sharon’s eye via facebook.  She asked for something outrageous, and she came for coffee and to collect the pinny this morning:

pinny sharon 3

I had thought of adding some applique flowers and/or a few buttons and beads, but decided to leave it at a mix of leopard print and florals, with purple ribbon and pink lace. And a bit of orange lace around the crimson pocket. The inside is lined with shweshwe. Nothing matches. She loves it <3

We were laughing about how she should pose for the picture, which accounts for the lack of focus, and it really doesn’t do her justice – she has a flawless skin, stunning red hair and beautiful blue eyes. She’s beautiful on the inside, too. xxx

a pinny and a pie

Dexterously combining two themes in one post here: (a) a further attempt at cooking in the oven, and (b) a Scrap Happy project for Kate’s collection.

Sean's pie

Last year, staying with Sean and Melinda in Grahamstown, Sean made this fabulous spinach and feta pie for our supper one evening. It’s not vegan because the recipe calls for eggs, ricotta and feta – which means Melinda couldn’t have any – but I guess she was used to that, Sean usually going big on the carnivore side of things! Anyway, he sent me the link and it’s been lurking on my bookmarks bar ever since. Last night = girls’ night at my house = chance to make pie and graciously accept amazed compliments on having made something both edible and attractive.

karen apron

Theme #2: Karen mentioned that she could use another pinny for her work at the Service Dining Rooms.  I made this for her last week, from leftovers of fabric from cushions and bedspreads, and a bit of lace and some orange bobbles at the bottom left over from who the hell knows what.  Here she is, trying to give a realistic impression of a happily domesticated woman about to dish up the pie, but looking more like someone who’s watched The Shining too many times. Perhaps she would have been happier with an axe.

back to school

Since I’ve been busy with sunhats for Lynette’s preschool kiddies in Stellenbosch, it occurred to me that they might need other things that I could make. There are, after all, 150 children there – it seems like a nice little outlet :)

ethan 6     ethan 5

Using some left-over cotton, some velcro and a very vague memory of the size of an average preschooler, I came up with the above. And then hunted down 5-year old Ethan to model it for me in the garden. He was undeterred by the pink flowers, and told me he loves having his picture taken.

Some gratuitous pics of the sunhats:

sunhat suzette pink  sunhat purple turq  denim patch

The delivery of the second batch of hats took place yesterday, and I thought I’d share a pic of my newly-appointed Toggle Insertion Assistant, taken very late on Sunday evening:

toggle assistant 2Rob’s help also came with a lecture on time management, clearly well-deserved. My mantra for 2015 = I will not procrastinate. I will not procrastinate. I will not…..