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and yet more changes #2

Remember that pigsty pandemonium I showed you last time? My tv lounge? Here it is now with a fresh coat of paint on the floor, all the useful stuff sent to the charity shop and the useless crap sent to the bin. The floor is still wet so I couldn’t get any further in than the doorway to take this pic. Progress, my friends, progress!


And then, taking a step backwards…because that is what I do so well…here is my new art deco oak server, collected a couple of hours ago from friends in Woodstock who are trying to streamline their interior decor. I know it seems like beyond stupid to acquire a new piece of furniture when I’m going to move in the next few weeks, (a) they were desperate to get rid of it, and I like to help my pals; (b) they refused to let me pay, and (c) I really love it. What’s not to like?


It will stay in the dining room for the meantime, and get moved to the tv lounge when the floor is dry.

Today is Office Sort-Out day. Before and after pics tomorrow. A luta continua