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life-of-its-own bag?

I finished my doily bag last night.  It hasn’t turned out much like the image in my head (which was pretty fuzzy, granted), so I’m calling it the life-of-its-own bag.

 bag 3

bag 6 

Each side is a semi-circle, with a folded-over doily as the starting point. The finished thing is far too wide, so I gathered it up a bit in the corners.

bag 2

bag 1

It’s lined and has a fancy magnetic clasp, but — I know, it’s still WEIRD, right!?  Anyway, it is what it is and at least I got the idea out of my head now, and can go on to making something far more sensible.

Back soon x

bags of progress

This is the fifth bag I’ve made now, which perhaps is significant (5 bags / pentagon = 5 sides, you know) and I’m finally happy with the pattern.

kit pics 069

I’m liking this colour combination, too – baby yellow, sunshine, burnt orange and brick red. I got some nice bricky red felt at Fabric City today, which will be perfect for the lining. The one pictured here is brown, but you can see what the shape is and get an idea of the magnetic clasp. (Both will be included in the kit, when it’s finally a “product”).

kit pics 067

So, Laura in the south of England put her hand up to test this one – thank you, Laura, I’m very grateful to you. And here’s a link to Laura’s lovely blog, Cute as a Button. She seems to be one of those people who manages to fit a greater variety of crafty stuff into her days than most people, and you know what they say – if you need something doing, give it to a busy person!

Bye for now, from a grey wintry wet windy Cape Town.

pentagons and awards

Some sort of horrible energy-sucking bug or virus has had me in its grip the last couple of days, today I have been almost totally inert. I feel like one of those lantern-jawed sea monsters that lives 72 million feet under the deepest ocean and conserves energy by never moving a whisker. It’s 5.55pm here, I’ve been under the covers most of the day, but I’ve just managed to make myself coffee and am also going to force this post (most of it done two days ago, when I felt more human).

When is a hexagon not a hexagon? Why, when you can’t count properly and you end up with five sides instead of six.
But it’s okay, I like it better this way. And it works out perfectly for my bag idea.

kit pics 042 kit pics 016kit pics 047

hexagon multi

These girls are going to be bags, with a felt lining and magnetic clasp and long strap. Laura over in the mother country (= UK, haha) has volunteered to make one up following my pattern and using the Vinni’s cotton I send. When she’s given me the thumbs up, the kits will follow. A blue one, a turquoise one, a pink one, and a mixed one (because I was dying to use the new Brick Red that arrived this week).  I was also thinking greens. And maybe neutrals.

Kathryn in Colarado has been working on the mitts pattern, and has come up with some incredibly useful suggestions and a great new lay-out (far and above the ‘call of duty’).  She chose to make hers in Sunshine yellow, and here’s the first one she finished. Kathryn also writes a blog. I like reading what she writes.

left_mitt (1)

Two very thoughtful ladies have included me in their nominations recently, for which I am happy and appreciative, and I promise promise to fulfill my acceptance conditions (eg. answering some questions and nominating other blogs) as soon as the blood starts flowing to my brain again.  In the meantime, thank you both very much, Alice and Jane: Knit n Run 4 sanity and Rainbow Junkie Corner.

Phew, exhausted now. Back to the bottom of the ocean. x

tote-ally trendy

Meet Nathan.
Meet Nathan’s new tote.
tote 1
They haven’t actually met each other yet because I just finished sewing the tote about 15 minutes ago, but I’ve What’s Apped him and I think he’ll be here any second now.
It’s the trendiest locally-designed fabric my dorky little home has seen for years, and Nathan scored himself two packs of off-cuts from Design Team in the Cape Quarter. So I made this for him.
This is as close as I’ll ever get to patchwork – although I do truly admire what other people do with it (quilts, etc), I’ve personally never seen the point of chopping up perfectly good pieces of material then reassembling them but, hey, maybe it’s just me.

I hope he likes it. I hope he doesn’t…

Back soon x

my big fat granny bag

As soon as I saw the bag that this clever Sandra person made (see her blog here), I knew I wouldn’t rest until I’d made one myself.


It’s a great bag to make because (a) it’s basically one very large granny square so it’s dead easy, (b) you can use left-over wool and any colours you like, and (c) it’s hard to mess up with something eccentric like this.


The original pattern is free on ravelry, and you’ll see other people have posted pics of their bags, all in different colours. I didn’t want to add bits of lace and flowers because I think the colours are vibrant enough, although I did take the liberty of adding a button on either side.

Now all it needs is handles. I really don’t fancy those round plastic ones, so I suppose there’s nothing for it but to try and make something myself. (casting my eyes round spare room filled with various craft and junk stuff as I type)

To be continued…