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local recycling

The biggest problem I had with making newsboys and caps was getting the peak right.

newsboys grrr

I tried many many different things, from thick batting to thin wadding to ice cream container lids to xray sheets, but nothing was quite right. ¬†However, it seems like the long hours that Rob has spent relaxing at his local haven’t gone entirely to waste — he noticed the guys replacing a keg the other day, and had a lightbulb moment – the disposable beer keg !!! It looks like a gigantic Christmas tree bauble!


Once you’ve sliced into it (I give it a good stab with the bread knife), it’s the perfect material – easy to cut, easy to stitch through (with an¬†industrial machine, not a domestic), fully washable, shrink-proof, and flexible. And best of all, it’s free.

beer peak

Cheers :-)