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I had a brief conversation with another trader at a market recently.  I was looking for a guy called Rudi*, who used to sell scarves and jewellery.  He didn’t seem to be around so I asked a chap who sells garden furniture* if he knew anything about him.

GF Man:  No, he’s not here. I don’t think he’ll be coming back, actually, he’s thinking of returning to Israel.

Me: Oh okay, thanks. He always seemed to do so well with his products.

GF Man: Yes, he had return customers all the time. And he could talk up a storm. Lovely guy.

Me:  Ja, great sales pitch. Worked nearly every time. He once told me that he got some beautiful new scarves at such a good price he was able to put a 1,000% mark-up on them.  I’ve never forgotten that!

GF Man: Well, maybe he got a bit too greedy. Typical Jew, you know.

Seriously? I remain gob-smacked. For so many different (and yet all obvious) reasons.



* not his real name

* not his real product