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hear hear

I spend a lot more time crocheting these days than I ever used to. You got that already, I know. But think about this – do I want to have only my own thoughts to entertain me while my hands work? I don’t THINK so. I’m a terrible conversationist and I’d bore me in no time. DVDs – yes, now and then, but I’m not a big tv watcher and I get tired of images coming at me from a screen for too long.

Enter Andy the Android.

Andy was an unwanted gift to Rob from someone (who doesn’t read this blog, by the way) and now he is mine. Rob introduced me to audible.com and now I have some Hiaasen, some Deaver, some Palin, and some Bill Bryson to keep me company while I beaver away. A great technological stride for me, that is! Today’s beavering so far has been spent on the flowers in the photo, another ten to hang on the silver tree in a little girl’s bedroom.

Back soon x