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It’s cold and grey and wet in Cape Town today, folks. Luckily I have these nasturtiums on my kitchen windowsill to add some cheerful colour.
I love nasturtiums because they are so damn persistent and self-reliant. Any flower that manages to grow in my neglected patch of garden (I hesitate to use that word, actually) is a wunder bloom in my book.

And as of today I now also have this:

This is big for me, and not only because it’s also my age. It means there are FIFTY people Out There who were once inclined to click the Follow button and be notified every time I post. I know the world’s population has almost reached 7 billion, but it is still wonderful to me that 50 of those 7 billion people get to be here regularly :-) Perhaps it’s time for another give-away to celebrate?

To be continued…