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statement chair?

It certainly was a statement when I first got my hands on it – or at least, it had lots of random words printed on the fabric, not all of which made sense, either seperately or together. Consequently, it was dubbed the Donald Trump chair.


It’s surprisingly comfortable and I thought would be pretty simple to recover (no arms or fiddly shapes). Please remind me to never ever underestimate a piece of furniture again!

But, the job is finally finished and I am definitely pleased with the result. I was able to make use of a beautiful piece of embroidered Indian fabric, the rest is upholstery fabric. There’s also some shocking pink lace.

chair 5

chair 6

The back:

chair 4

Not sure what kind of statement it makes now, but one thing is for sure – it wouldn’t find a home in the White House! I’m hoping it finds a good home somewhere near me, though, and sometime soon. Keep your fingers crossed x


still with the chair thing

After the success with this one, I moved on to the four dining chairs with drop-in seats (the two chairs that go at each end of the table are made in a different style but the seats didn’t need recovering anyway). They have/had pretty needlepoint seat covers but they’re getting shabby, plus I was still looking for things to STAPLE with the GUN.


dining Before



dining 4

dining 3

An aside: I decided not to remove the original needlepoint covers before recovering with the patchwork, although this is obviously what a professional would have done. There may be a time when these chairs will go and live somewhere else, in which case my fabric can easily be removed. There’s no way that undeserving people will get to enjoy my pretty patchwork stripes and labour (long story,  beyond the scope of this blog post)…

I know I shouldn’t boast but I really really love how these turned out :)

sitting pretty

When you’re always so busy making stuff to sell, sometimes it feels like pure indulgence to spend time making something for your very own self. That’s how it is for me, at least.

chair 1

Sorting out the things that got shoved into the spare bedroom, I unearthed this old teak chair that used to be in my shop. Inspired by ideas on pinterest, I gave it a quick make-over with some patchwork squares and a staple gun. Honestly, it took me less than 45 minutes to sew and recover the seat. Great satisfaction!

chair 2

PS. So many of you have sent me personal emails lately – thank you. Even if I haven’t replied to each one, please know that they have all been read with gratitude and have touched my heart.

did you say BORING?

After a long break between starting and finishing, my chair is finally as done as it’s ever going to be :-)

chair 1

This was Rob’s chair when he was a little boy; when his parents moved three years ago, it came my way. I had the cushions reupholstered in a neutral beige linen (what was I thinking???), and Alex said it was more boring than a seat on a plane. BUT NOT ANY MORE ….

chair 2

It didn’t seem right to bomb the front and not the reverse of the back cushion, but the back got a much hastier treatment. Loyal followers of my blog may notice that six of the blocks on the front originated from Rachel’s CAL that I signed up for about three years ago (here). I have another 8 or 10 squares somewhere, but clearly they aren’t going to magically reproduce themselves and turn into a blanket any time soon. Seemed a pity to waste them….

Other crochet bits are abandoned projects, failed experiments and some recycled bunting. I couldn’t face starting the seat from scratch, so the seat “bomb” is actually a small blanket that Doreen gave to me a while back.

* NB. Inspiration for yarnbombing furniture comes from Daniella Joe’s blog. You should go see her stuff !!!

I can’t imagine what Mom and Pop would make of this, but that little boy whose chair it once was says he likes it as much as I do.