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cheap thrills

I popped into my local charity shop last week, Help the Rural Child (read more here), and came away with a tunic top, a silk animal print blouse and a pair of almost-new black bootlegs, for less than R100. (I think that’s about 8 US dollars? !!!!)

It’s always nice to add a couple of useful things to one’s wardrobe, but I wondered why I was more pleased with my finds than when I get something at Woollies or the Big Blue. I can afford to buy brand new clothes, after all. But then I realised – a large part of the pleasure is that you don’t know if you’ll find something or not at a charity shop. There’s no guarantee you’ll find anything at all, and at the same time there’s the chance that you’ll find ten things that scream your name in your size.

charity top i

I’ve worn the red and blue tunic about four times already, so I’m definitely getting my money’s worth. That’s my idea of a cheap thrill.