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dragon ribs **

To compensate for the hell of knitting with the wet hairy seaweed, I finished a hat in a chunky yarn last night. The (free) pattern is Dragon Ribs from Crystal Palace (easy hat), and I have a feeling I’ll be using it again and again.


I used Elle Pure Gold in chunky (black), a bit of something else colourful and chunky-ish that has lost its label, and 5.5mm needles.


It might still get a button or a tassel or some other type of decoration (two words, both the same, hyphenated, begins with p).

Back soon x

** Hope you didn’t think this was something exotic you’d regularly find on the menu in a grill house in South Africa? Warthog ribs are common, yes, but dragon, not so much.

PS. I’m really trying to take better photos, I promise.


House slippers

I bought this pattern from Mamachee on Etsy the other day: Oma House Slippers, and am loving it.

I made a pair in thick cream cotton for Alison’s birthday, and this pair below in a sort of soft tubing in teal for Issy’s birthday yesterday, and the pair in Shetland Chunky in blue is for a friend who is flying back to her home in California today. I thought they would be perfect for wearing on a plane, when you need to be as comfy as possible.

I also wanted to make my own yarn from t-shirt fabric, which is what that blue stuff is above, with pictures of horses on it. I found the tutorial here: Polka Dot Pineapple. It felt like such a mission to make it and then to only end up with two small balls, but it’s obviously a very cost-effective material for slippers. And I plan to make a million more. Unfortunately that won’t be today – I have woken up with a very sore throat and ear and headache, so this is the sound of me shuffling back to my bed right now…pad pad pad.

To be continued…