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trying to finish one thing before starting another – as usual

I’ve managed to work a whole two rows of the Spring Fling since last week. At this rate, it’ll be ready to wear when I’m 72.


And this is what I’m really really itching to start on today.

seafoamseafoam 2

It’s Sarah Jane’s Seafoam Fantasy Shawl, and I bought the pattern from her new shop on etsy.  I also have this pattern of her’s (which I won last year – I always think I never win anything but actually I do!):

poly 1

which will be so absolutely perfect for the winter we have on our horizon. It’s already bitterly cold in the mornings now (Alex has been eyeing my converted leg-warmers but I’m a very selfish mother most of the time and she ain’t gettin’ nuthin’ hahaha) . I love the idea that it can be a cowl or a hat, depending on one’s mood (and the wind chill factor).

Back soon x

person cosy?

I had meant to finish this before casting on for the Kaya bolero thing, but I’ve been juggling between the two of them for a bit. Bolero almost done, pic tomorrow.

This is called a ‘capelet’, which I can’t actually bring myself to say out loud, I think it sounds so silly. I guess the designer can call it whatever she likes and so, for the sake of variety, allow me to put forward the suggestion that Alex’s friend Ash made this afternoon when I asked her to wear it for a photo:  “That’s so cute”, she said, “it’s like a person cosy”.

(You can just see Ash hovering around in the background there).



So, I quite enjoyed making it – about 65%, I’d say. It started off well but by Row 14, I’d got lost in the pattern so I had to improvise. Which I think I did fairly well, but not brilliantly. My person cosy has more flounce around the bottom than the original capelet (snicker), no doubt because I ended up with far more stitches than I was supposed to. heh.  Also, I probably wouldn’t choose to do it again in the same wool.  I used Elle Pure Gold DK and I think it has a bit too much droop for something like this.  I very much like the idea of this as a garment, though, because I think it can be used to jazz up a plain outfit easily or could even work as a modern type of bed jacket.

It was a free download from here, if anyone is interested. And now that I’ve just opened that link to check that it’s still good, I’ve seen the comments about the difficulties other people have had around row 14…hmmm!

Right, back to my knitting. Still hot and humid here this evening, I’m really getting fed up with the heat now. I WANT AUTUMN.

To be continued…