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nothing specific, just a bit of an update/rant…

All I ever post these days is for ScrapHappy once a month. In fact, if it wasn’t for Kate and ScrapHappy, you’d probably think I was dead. Since this could happen at any time (we have seriously bad drivers in Cape Town!), I think I should give my WordPress login details to Karen, so she can post(humously) the last edition of Nice Piece of Work on my behalf.

Strange times we are living through, I think, all over the world. Some people seem able to bubblewrap themselves up a bit more against the weirdness and the general political and economic hypocrisy, which is probably a trait to be desired. Not admired as such, but definitely desirable. The world that humans created has no doubt always been bizarre and based on the evolutionary foundation of our natural animal instincts, but the internet has amplified various abnormalities that are sometimes beyond belief. Who are we supposed to have faith in any more? Why are politicians such bloody hypocrites and, in South Africa’s case, mostly thieves and fraudsters? Why are these people running our countries and making decisions about our personal liberties? Why is peanut butter so expensive now, and why can’t I find Marmite on the shelves any more? Why aren’t more of us questioning things like critical race theory and man-made climate change and why is homelessness becoming so rife? If I have to allocate blame somewhere, I’m going to pick Karl Marx, Jacques Derrida, Billy Graham, the Kardashians, Mark Zuckerberg and my mother.

The year so far has, if anything, been worse than last year. [Personal bubble alert, apologies in advance]: my general well-being, such as it was, has been upended by post traumatic stress disorder, an underactive thyroid, depression, financial anxiety, a broken hand, and broken trust in a particular person. I also have to have another covid test today, because I was exposed to someone seven days ago who tested positive two days later. I’m not really looking forward to it, but remind myself that I’ve been through childbirth. Everything else must necessarily pale in comparison. It was messy, everyone was very bossy, and they wouldn’t let me eat anything for hours before being induced. This last thing really got up my nose – much more than today’s covid test is going to!

So, I feel fine and have developed no symptoms, which is all good – especially since I can’t get the vaccine anyway – South Africa has managed to get about 100 so far, or 1,000 – the number is so low it actually makes no difference, and there’s a better “roll-out” at the new Lebanese bakery round the corner than anything our lot could manage.

But, let me end off on a more cheerful note. I have many reasons to be grateful to my ex-husband, and the most recent one is the introduction to Bill Bailey, British comedian. Here’s one of his clips from youtube. It’s always good to have a laugh, isn’t it?