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Purple it is!

I tend to clam up and go all introverted in a room full of people I don’t know (parties? do people even have those any more?…dinner parties, workshops, seminars, that kind of thing), but have never found it hard to approach a total stranger and say how much I love the unusual and/or gorgeous item that she is wearing (it’s usually a she, men are pretty boring, let’s face it) and please can I photograph it. Here’s a stranger from two days ago:


Her name is Elsabe and she was having a fresh-air break outside the building where I used to work.  She told me that she doesn’t knit herself, and bought this mini-poncho thing from someone at a market. (I love her purple hair, too, wish I could carry it off.) (And it reminds me of someone in Wichita!)

Here’s the back view:

We figured it was basically a long rectangle stitched together at one side, at a sort of angle. It’s no surprise that I love a whole bunch of different colours and textures mixed together, and in fact have something similar coming off my crochet hook at the moment (a cowl in autumn rusts and oranges and crimsons). Nearly nearly done, just one more episode of Sewende Laan

Back soon x

mitten smitten

I’ve been busy with fingerless handwarmers lately. Doreen had given me another pair of legwarmers, which have now been repurposed for man paws:
because Rob says he also gets cold in winter…

Following on the success of Nicola’s cowl last week, I made another one with matching fingerless mitts** and added a bit of furry yarn top and bottom. I posted this on the Jam Tarts facebook page and had a buyer within 15 minutes. Thanks, Mr Zuckerberg.

alex cream

And how’s this weather!? This pic was taken two days ago – Alex was in a bikini lying on the grass in the sun when I asked her to model up. It’s supposed to be WINTER here, hello!!!

Today a few of us gathered at Mama Roma in Newlands to celebrate Gwen’s birthday (although any excuse for a grub-fest will do). She’s still doing the early-morning school run, so I made her some mitts** in shocking pink to keep her hands warm on the steering wheel. Everyone thought they were cute (but not as cute as Gwen herself!)


** My “pattern” for these mitts: with dk yarn and a 5mm hook, ch 31. Work 18 rows in htr. Fold in half and stitch the seam, leaving a short gap for your thumb. Optional – work 1 or 2 rows of dc top and/or bottom in a contrasting yarn.

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another neck thing

You know when you shorten a t-shirt and you just chop it off along the bottom, you’re left with a perfectly good loop of fabric?

– and you think, hmmm, this could be something – but what?

So, here’s a suggestion:


I made holes along one side with my Sharp hook, then dc-ed all round, then just made it up as I went with a couple rows dcs and some shells. Used Vinni’s DK Nikkim 100% cotton in purple-pink, I thought it made a lovely contrast with the grey. And honestly, it took about an hour!



Sheep is also keen on it, but got into a bit of a tangle trying to do the head wrap.

100_7441     100_7442

I said, “Listen, Sheep, if ewe like the colour so much I’ll make ewe your very own scarf, it doesn’t have to be an infinity loop thing.” I got a sheepish look in response.

Back soon x

Thursday’s photo of Tuesday’s project

Started this cowl on Tuesday and wrapped it up last night, so to speak.   It’s SUCH a great pattern, you can almost crochet with your eyes closed. Thanks to the designer – Suzana Davidovic. Keep ’em coming!

The pattern length is 165cm but I wanted mine to be 180cm so I chained 14 extra stitches in the beginning.  I used exactly 200g of Elle Pure Gold DK in cream, and it really is soft and warm and cottony.  I dropped it off at Nicola’s just now, and here she is in it.

100_7431  Three times round the neck, or…once round the neck and once over the head.
100_7433   100_7432

Nicola is my wonderful hair stylist, she keeps me from looking old and grey and dingy (as much as she is able, at least!), and is one of the sweetest, kindest girls you could meet. When Rob’s mom (at 80) damaged her back and had to remain prone for three months, Nicola went to her home and did her hair once a week. She has enough clients that she really didn’t need to do this, but she has as good a heart as that face is pretty!

Back soon x