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moving swiftly along

So, the pattern, instructions and cotton for the fingerless mitts kit are on their way to Colarado to be tested (not Canada, I don’t know why I kept thinking Canada, maybe I just have a small brain and two proper nouns both starting with C was too much overlap for me), and the pattern and cotton for the headbands is on its way to be tested in Melbourne, Australia. Kathryn and Sharon, thank you both in advance!

Right, next up = mesh stitch scarf, 4.00mm hook, Vinni’s dk cotton in Plum.

headband 006

I’m going to add a border to the two shorter sides, but not sure what colour yet. This is the second scarf I’m making, the first one was a complete disaster and had to be ripped out. (Amazing how quickly one can do that, hey? that ripping-out thing!)

I did most of this last night watching the first two episodes of the new Dexter (!), and hope to finish it and have the pattern knocked out sometime tomorrow. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to test this one? I’ll send you all the cotton you need (colour of your choice), the pattern, the instructions, and I’m also thinking of including a simple gold or silver pin to, well, pin it together. I’ll just need your honest comments afterwards (and hopefully before Christmas!).

Back soon x


How to make crocheted bangles

I love bangles.  I made some recently using a plastic ring (made from cutting up cheap belts and glueing at one side) and sticking buttons on, but the buttons started to fall off so I had to think of something else.

These are very simple to make, and you can use up left-over bits of yarn. And you can add embellishments if you want.  I sewed a button onto the last one I made, and dabbed it with a bit of clear nail polish for reinforcement.







I think the pics are self-explanatory?  I made enough chains to go round the bangle and then did 1 extra. I used Vinni’s DK cotton Nikkim and a 3mm hook, and worked in rows of dc or htr until the length was sufficient to wrap over the bangle and stitch together.   I did a sort of mini puff stitch in the turquoise one in the top picture.

I’d love to see your versions of this, if you make some. Send me a pic :-)

To be continued…


For many days now the creative side of me has been hibernating. None of the usual prompts are helping, so it seems I just have to endure this used-teabag feeling until it dissipates all by itself.

I have managed to do one thing, however, which frankly hasn’t required much in the way of creativity but at least my hands haven’t been idle. I recently ordered a Sharp crochet hook and very happy I am with it. For ages I’d been wanting to be able to crochet directly into the edge of blouses and blankets and cushions, and fiddled around with chain stitches and needles and all kinds of things before finally finding this little treasure.

I have edged some polar fleece blankets and two infinity scarves that definitely have potential:






The black stripey one has a shell edging in a silky yarn (I have no idea what I used, the label got lost) and I used Vinni’s dk cotton Nikkim for the paisley one in shocking pink. I quite like the little pyramid things but they were fiddly.

To be continued…(hopefully sooner rather than later)

perseverance and a lot of swearing

I managed to complete that ^(%@)_*!@ lampshade I started last week (originally wrote about it here).

When I’d worked as much crochet as I needed to reach the top, I stitched it round the edge of the frame (which was wrapped in a thin binding).  It looked really dreadful. Muttering my little mantra “If you’re going to do something, then do it properly, you fool”, I undid the stitches and attached the cover directly to the top ring by dc-ing around it. Big awkward fiddle. Labour of love. But looks nice now.

Now there is only one thing that concerns me, and that is whether the white legs of the frame are too apparent or not. I suppose I could have used a thicker yarn (I used Vinni’s DK cotton, which maybe I should have doubled?) or I could have worked a less holey(holy?) pattern,  or I could carefully slide little strips of khaki-coloured paper between each leg and the cover to hide the white?

Or I could just leave it as it is.   (I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure.)   I probably will for now.  It was a trial run because I have lampshades on the brain and I have in fact already moved on…to those two mini lampshades that I picked up at the moving-on sale last week. Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting instalment.

To be continued…