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for all the single earrings

The phrase “single earrings” naturally got stuck in my head as “single ladies”, so it seems reasonable to end this post with a youtube clip from Beyoncè and some dancers. (Yes, I am generously sharing my earworm with you!)
In the meantime, someone’s granny died and I was given a bag of extremely interesting bits and pieces. Included were some of these:

And, coincidentally, I’d been going through drawers and boxes and cupboards over the weekend sorting various things out. I had found seven lonely earrings, all of which were once half of a pair and had had some meaning for me.

I got out my topstitching thread and a suitably sturdy needle and set to work. I didn’t really plan on how best it might be done and I did a sort of weavy, in-and-out thing with the thread and then dabbed a bit of glue on the back and left it to dry overnight.

The result is clearly a bit of a jumble, but (a) it’s an improvement on having seven half-earrings, (b) I have nothing against a good jumble, (c) it looks just fine on my old denim jacket, and (d) there is no (d). It is what it is.

Earring love

What can be sadder than a single broken earring? I seem to have a few lying around that I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw away. But guess what, they’ve just been given a new purpose!
I found this glass light fitting in a junk shop in Obs the other day. At R20 I thought I’d got a bargain, but it turns out to be cracked. (Clearly it’s found the right owner.) I didn’t really know what to do with it but I cleaned it and left it prominently on the kitchen counter so that I would be ready to do something with it when inspiration struck. That just happened. And now, it’s an earring chandelier!


I put it together with the help of my glue gun, some wire and some thin gold cord, then banged a nail into the wooden door frame of my lounge to hang it on.  Getting a light bulb inside it is a bit beyond me right now, but I like it purely for decoration. Plus, it’ll be just the thing that everyone cracks their head on when they come in the front door.

To be continued…

Jam Tarts give-away

I’ve been spending loads of time immersed in the world of blogs lately and have picked up some excellent ideas. One of them is inspired by Jenny of Jenny Arnott Textiles  (striking designs and finished products and, boy,  is her work room tidy….).
As you know, we have been sowing the seeds for a little business called Jam Tarts.  Now we are starting to see some shoots making their way out of the soil towards the sun. Anne and I have been planning a give-away for a while now, but I think you guys won’t mind if we link it to a couple of “conditions” so that we can expand our profile on the internet.
We have come up with three items, a hat trick! :
One of Anne’s frothy scarves, lightweight enough for summer, but wrapped round a couple of times warm enough for autumn, in a soft creamy yellow. Makes me think of lemon meringue pie:
A mini button frame, measuring 15 by 15cm, with a little metal fitting at the back so you can stand it up if you don’t want to put it on a wall:
and third, a pair of jaunty hoop earrings that have a distinct African tone:
Retail value of the give-away is R225.00 (which probably doesn’t sound too much in the UK or the States,  what with our poor Rand getting weaker and weaker right now).
So, if you’d like chance to win:
1.  Become a follower of this blog. If you already are, you will automatically be included in the draw.
2. Like the Jam Tarts facebook page. If you already have, you will automatically be included in the draw.
If you do both, or have already done both, your name will be included twice.  The cut-off date is Sunday 24 June 2012. And you can enter from anywhere in the world, the postage will be on us.  This is our first foray into marketing strategies – will be interesting to see what happens next. Any comments? Lousy idea? Brilliant idea? Please let me know what you think.
To be continued: