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cushions and houses

On the working side of life, I’ve been making cushions using the designs I usually print on pillow cases. I was keen to maintain the patchworky random look, so no two will ever be the same.

Still experimenting with sizes and layout – but it’s a brilliant way to use up small pieces of fabric left over from the bedspreads. The Kalk Bay shop has expressed an interest, but they would want the cushions to be a standard size. “Standard” – hmmm, a strange concept for me, I’ll have to give it some thought….

On the domestic front, we received three offers on the house within 24 hours of it being on show. We happily accepted the best one, and transfer is scheduled for the end of May. Aaaaaaannnnd, best news of all, Philip and I are now the proud new owners of a beautiful house in Claremont (a suburb of Cape Town about 10 minutes drive from where we currently live). It’s green and leafy and quiet, and the house is perfect for two people who both work from home and who like to entertain (on a relatively modest basis). It’s been wonderfully and attractively modernised, in pristine condition, and we don’t have to make a single change. So, 1 June will see quite a few removal trucks rumbling along in various directions between Mowbray, Rosebank and Claremont – housewarming to follow soon after :) Deep sigh of relief, gratitude and contentment!



Parp is the sound that the baby African bush elephant makes. Pa pa papa parp is the sound that the mom elephant makes. When she’s in a good mood, that is. When she’s in a bad mood, no-one knows what sound she makes because it would be seriously stupid to hang around long enough to find out (as you run for your life, you cover your ears, you see).

baby e hat 2 baby e hat 4

The ears could do with being a bit bigger, but I thought the rolled-up trunk was a nice solution to a potentially very tricky problem.

ellie image

Mother and baby elephant Image fromĀ wikipedia.

Basic beanie design fromĀ Repeat Crafter Me.

Back soon x