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cunning pompom technique

**This post is dedicated to my friend, M_______ L____, in Californ-ee-ay-a, without whom there wouldn’t be any pompoms at all!

So, I am now the proud owner of three different sizes of the Clover pompom maker.  I am extremely happy with them, and they each have names (which I won’t share with you, because it would just confirm what you may only suspect – that I’m a nutcase!).

One thing I wasn’t liking so much was that sometimes it was too easy to pull out a piece of yarn from the finished item, and I certainly didn’t want anyone buying a BonBon with a dodgy pompom. I think I wasn’t tying the yarn tightly enough around the centre, but even when I tied it so tightly that the thread almost snapped, it still bothered me. So now I do this:

When I’ve wrapped the first layer, ie. until you can’t see the plastic on the inner any more, I dot on some Stop Fray.

pompom1 pompom 5

pompom6 pompom7


I use the Stop Fray about four times on each side, and also on the very last bit just before closing it up and tying.


And because I live where I do, I am able to hang my pompoms in the sun to dry. (Sorry, northern hemispherers….)

I’ve also experimented with craft glue but that didn’t work as well as the Stop Fray. I know there are various fabric-type glues on the market and I once had something called Fray-Stoppa, which was a clear, runny glue, which I think would also have worked well.  Give it a bash with whatever you have lying around, and let me know what works for you.

I haven’t forgotten that I promised to give you the BonBon pattern, I am only halfway through the shocking pink one I’m making and want to finish it first so I can be sure that I’ve understood Eunice’s technique 100%.  Here is the beginning:

BonBon pink

Back soon x