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Better than facebook

I finished the big round mosaic frame this week and delivered it to Anne (not my Jam Tarts Anne, another Anne).

Some of you asked to see the finished product, so here it is (sorry for lousy photos) :

Anne is an ex-colleague and works where I used to work full-time, at a large software developer in Newlands.  The company has a pretty big staff complement, many of whom are my facebook friends so we can keep up with each other’s news.  Delivering the frame to Anne meant that I bumped into loads of people I have only seen online in the last few months, and guess what – It’s much nicer to see them in real life! 

Ok, that’s it from me today. I still have lots and lots to do for tomorrow’s market at Rondebosch Park.  Please keep your fingers crossed that everyone likes our stuff :-) also that I remember to pack all the pieces for the gazebo!

To be continued…



This time Zenzo ignored my brief almost entirely. I’d asked for zigzags but he went with loops.

But I think he knew what he was doing! I was so excited that I mirrored and tiled it up within 30 minutes of getting home.  It’s as yet ungrouted and unrubbed,  but I feel like I’ve invented the wheel or something.

Is it just me, or do you also think this is one of the most wire-alicious things you’ve ever seen?

To be continued…



Jam Tarts give-away

I’ve been spending loads of time immersed in the world of blogs lately and have picked up some excellent ideas. One of them is inspired by Jenny of Jenny Arnott Textiles  (striking designs and finished products and, boy,  is her work room tidy….).
As you know, we have been sowing the seeds for a little business called Jam Tarts.  Now we are starting to see some shoots making their way out of the soil towards the sun. Anne and I have been planning a give-away for a while now, but I think you guys won’t mind if we link it to a couple of “conditions” so that we can expand our profile on the internet.
We have come up with three items, a hat trick! :
One of Anne’s frothy scarves, lightweight enough for summer, but wrapped round a couple of times warm enough for autumn, in a soft creamy yellow. Makes me think of lemon meringue pie:
A mini button frame, measuring 15 by 15cm, with a little metal fitting at the back so you can stand it up if you don’t want to put it on a wall:
and third, a pair of jaunty hoop earrings that have a distinct African tone:
Retail value of the give-away is R225.00 (which probably doesn’t sound too much in the UK or the States,  what with our poor Rand getting weaker and weaker right now).
So, if you’d like chance to win:
1.  Become a follower of this blog. If you already are, you will automatically be included in the draw.
2. Like the Jam Tarts facebook page. If you already have, you will automatically be included in the draw.
If you do both, or have already done both, your name will be included twice.  The cut-off date is Sunday 24 June 2012. And you can enter from anywhere in the world, the postage will be on us.  This is our first foray into marketing strategies – will be interesting to see what happens next. Any comments? Lousy idea? Brilliant idea? Please let me know what you think.
To be continued:

Baxter Food and Goods market

Karen suggested we sign up as vendors at the Baxter Food and Goods Market, which started up a couple of months ago in the grounds of the Baxter Theatre in Rondebosch. So we did. Our debut is this Sunday, but now that winter is here the market will be set up in the theatre foyer — which is vast, so vast in fact that, if they don’t get some music and some good-food smells going to fill the space, we will feel like a very small clutch of bats in a very large otherwise empty cave.

The Baxter is affiliated to the University of Cape Town and is situated in the heart of student land, between Main Road and Middle Campus. Consequently, we have surmised that bigger and more expensive items like blankets, shawls, large mirrors, etc. will not be successful, but that smaller items like earrings, necklaces, flower brooches, scarves, and little frames will be. So, a couple of new items have been strategically added to our packings:

And if nothing else, I had an absolute ball sourcing and/or making these goodies!

Incidentally, it is Mother’s Day this Sunday 13 May – is it the same in other countries?

To be continued…

Goldberg and Goldberg

Alex did this picture when she was in Grade 5, so she must have been 9 or 10.  A few years later, I found a grotty old frame in a junk shop in Salt River (I think it’s called Charms), so I cleaned it up and added some tiles.  I’m not a very good framer and I think the picture is held in at the back with prestik, a bit of sticky tape and the top of a shoebox, but I am extremely fond of it. It’s on my bedroom wall.

And if that girl carries on the way she is going now, it might be worth a lot of money one day :-)

To be continued…