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garage sale

It was my mother’s idea, to get rid of surplus. It’s scheduled for Saturday morning (when I’m conveniently not here), and she’s roped in help from Andre and Coralee-Ann so I’m staying out of it completely. I didn’t even think it was a particularly good idea at first, not realising quite how much unnecessary STUFF she has. But as I’ve seen the pile growing in the lounge, I’ve started to come round – and have even been adding to it myself. With increasing abandon, I have to be honest. It’s a bit addictive, actually, looking at something and thinking, “When did I last use this?” or “Where did this come from?” or even “What the hell is this thing?

garage sale

What have I been contributing? … clothes, books, a set of ceramic bowls given to me by an aunt I could never stand, a wrought-iron fish-shaped plant pot holder that I found at a junk shop and thought would be just the thing, handbags I’ll never use again, chipped and unchipped tea pots (I don’t drink tea), candle holders, side tables, pots and pans and flan dishes…the list goes on. It’s too good an opportunity to unburden myself before packing up and moving house at the end of May!

A couple of conversations have run along these lines: “Wait, what’s that grey furry thing?” “It’s a hooded poncho, I offered it to Karen but she didn’t want it“. “Well, I’m not Karen and I do want it. Thanks“. And then, “Do you really not want your braai?” “No, Philip has one just the same so we don’t need two.” “Maybe I should keep it then…” “Mom, you’ve never used a braai and you don’t even eat meat.”  “I know, but it’s just that I don’t have one…

Here’s to an emptier house, tidier cupboards, and a little bit of cash :)