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have i no shame?

My mother offered to clean and sort out my garage. I will admit that it has got the better of me lately, and the thought of tackling it was so overwhelming as to be impossible to face. We also enlisted the help of Pumla, Eliot’s wife.

Here is the before pic. My mother asked why I was taking it. When I said it was for my blog, she was aghast: “HAVE YOU NO SHAME?” ¬†Apparently I don’t!

garage 1

Everything inside taken out….

garage 3

The team at work: my mother and Pumla

garage 4

The end result.

garage 6
garage 7   everything dusted, packed, boxed or hung up!

My mother has now crawled home, an exhausted shell of her former self. Pumla has her feet up in the garden with chicken sandwiches and tea. Me? – well, just thinking about all that work going on has made me tired….