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Happy New Year!

I have started my 2013 jar a la Rachel in her post that I reblogged yesterday, so already I feel like I have ticked something off my list of things to do.

And this picture below, while not looking like much to get excited over, represents the start of my commitment to being tidier and more organised this year.


I had bits of stuff and pots of cuttings all over my little garden and patio, and it was looking really messy and unloved. I dug out two pieces of wood from the garage  (rescued from a neighbour’s kitchen-gutting months back) and Rob turned them into shelves for me.  The large teapot is a birthday present from Anne, and now houses an ivy plant. The small one was accidentally broken and given to me to use in a mosaic.  This obviously never happened, and I think it will look lovely as a planter.  It had better.

And, as I shouldn’t need to point out, what’s a patio without disco balls? Right, Lisa?

It’s been almost a year since I started blogging, encouraged by the witty and well-travelled Rowena (Reading and Writing), and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it (sometimes I pretend it’s “work”, hahaha). It has helped me focus on what I do and what I’m trying to do, and led to meeting and being inspired by some talented and wonderful people all over the world.  I’ve even had to google some of the places that you guys hail from, so you’ve broadened my education as well – Wisconsin, Mikkeli, Wellington…

Wishing you all good health, happiness, brilliant creative ideas, and many many reasons to get up in the mornings.

To be continued…

home work

Only 6 more sleeps until our Open Day [for those of you in Cape Town, it’s at 3 Leith Road, Constantia, from 10h00 to 15h00 this coming Saturday 4 August.]

We have lots of gorgeous new crochet-y things to put on show, and Megan has been busy with her unique illustrations and cards.

We are working with another local business Gift Gardens on this one, so even if you aren’t into mosaics and blankets and footstools, you can pick up beautiful and useful things for your garden – plants, herbs, flowers, pots, fairy lights, solar lamps, sky rockets, gardening gloves…

Today the mini mosaic mirrors I’ve been busy with are getting their final touches. In my kitchen. No room anywhere else. No space to cook supper. Oh, what a shame. (McDonald’s, anyone?)

To be continued…

for a bit of peace and quiet

Just back from a short trip to Johannesburg, where my only bits of crochet time were spent on experimenting with flowers, so no real news.  However, I thought I’d share a little-known secret  – if you’ve ever wondered where Santa Claus goes to get away from all those raucous elves for a bit of peace and quiet, it is at the bottom of my parent’s garden in Lone Hill. 

but ssshhhh, don’t let my mother know he’s there – she’d start telling him that it’s time to change his image, trim his beard and dress better.

To be continued…

With friends like ours…

…Jam Tarts will be a great success! Hoo ha.

It was hard work, a bit of stress, a lot of tidying up (thank you Karen and family), some biscuit making (thank you Lyndall), some moving and lifting and arranging (thank you Rob and Ant), and a lot of encouragement from a lot of friends. Thank you so much – for liking what we make, for pitching up to show your support, and for buying stuff. Please don’t stop :)

I took a few photos.

Here are some frames, and that’s Anne behind the glass with her arms full of blankets:

more frames and mirrors (South African readers will recognise the old burglar bars now cunningly put to new use – what South African doesn’t have a whole stack of old rusty ones in their garage…!!):

blankets and bags and scarves:

more blankets and bags and scarves:

table mats, button jewellery, paper hearts, blankets and beanies:

more frames (and Anne’s mug of half-drunk tea), and more blankets:

tea cosies, shrugs, blankets (no, really?) and crucifixes:

Dawn models her new flower scarf – hot off Anne’s hook:

Every single visitor commented on Karen and Ant’s beautiful Victorian
house. It was the perfect venue. It was the perfect day.  We think we might be onto a good thing. Like I said earlier, hoo ha.

To be continued…

the gift that keeps on growing

My interest in garden management has dwindled very noticeably over the recent summer months. My little patch is looking weedy and sad and dry, and the only plants that have survived are a big and bossy bunch of indigenous barleria. Luckily, they are both indifferent and prolific. My kind of plant.

So, when I was at Kirstenbosch market on Sunday, faced with the huge array of gorgeous petunias, delicate lobelias and pretty pansies that is GiftGardens, I knew it would have been ludicrous to buy myself anything that would have to try and survive on its own outside.  May as well drop my money down a wishing well or use the paper for papier mache.  But then I saw the herbs.  Herbs will save me from complete defeat, I thought, they are already erect, green and shapely.  They won’t need much water. I can keep them on the windowsill, safe from neglect and the dangers of cutworm and hadedas. I can win with herbs.  I can even eat them. 

So far so good. I have a menàge a trois on my kitchen windowsill of parsley, thyme and rosemary, in little organic pots that can be plonked straight into the ground should my herbs ever get too big for their roots.

Giftgardens is run by sisters Mary Berry and Jane Butters. Have a look at their website www.giftgardens.co.za. The free publicity they are getting from me here, with my internationally-known blog, has nothing to do with the fact that they are old school friends, and everything to do with their energy and vision and … cute little HERBS!

To be continued…