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a bit of glass

Scuffling through one of the store rooms at work last week, I came across….

CarpentersShop 025        CarpentersShop 024

STUFF !!!!!! And we all know how much I love stuff, right!

A couple of years ago, one of the projects undertaken at The Carpenter’s Shop was glass-cutting.  Apparently it went really well for a while but circumstances and people changed, and so did the focus.  The bottles have been gathering dust ever since, and so have the recycled items. Until now, baby.

glass 2

Green glass planter – put some small stones in the bottom, add soil, pop in your cuttings, press down nice and tight to eliminate air pockets, and dot a few pretty glass drops on top. Water very lightly once a week (the stones at the bottom will prevent root rot, unless you over-water).

glass 1

vase 1

vase blue 1

Vases from wine bottles.  Simple and perfect. And Valentine’s Day is coming up, so a girl can never have too many. Vases, that is. For all the flowers. You know, that she’ll receive. From all her secret admirers.  Just saying.

So, as we’re gearing up for our first market day at Kirstenbosch on 23 February, I’m thinking….let’s sell these as well. No-brainer.  R10 per littlie and R20 per vase should see the table being cleared.

Back soon x

Earring love

What can be sadder than a single broken earring? I seem to have a few lying around that I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw away. But guess what, they’ve just been given a new purpose!
I found this glass light fitting in a junk shop in Obs the other day. At R20 I thought I’d got a bargain, but it turns out to be cracked. (Clearly it’s found the right owner.) I didn’t really know what to do with it but I cleaned it and left it prominently on the kitchen counter so that I would be ready to do something with it when inspiration struck. That just happened. And now, it’s an earring chandelier!


I put it together with the help of my glue gun, some wire and some thin gold cord, then banged a nail into the wooden door frame of my lounge to hang it on.  Getting a light bulb inside it is a bit beyond me right now, but I like it purely for decoration. Plus, it’ll be just the thing that everyone cracks their head on when they come in the front door.

To be continued…

crockery upcycle

I spent most of my morning at Nicola’s house. She is my hairdresser – the best in the west!! Every now and then I timidly suggest that I should let my grey grow out, because maybe it would be all platinum and shiny and sexy (in a kind of faded, middle-aged way hahaha). She only ever has one response: Over my dead body. So that’s a No.
Karen was also there this morning, which was so nice because she was going straight to a birthday party afterwards with two gifts (one a belated one for someone else), so I could see what she’d made:

Cupcake stands! Out of old plates and sherry glasses. Nicola promptly ordered one for herself, and then one of her other clients followed suit. I’m really pleased – Karen hasn’t been herself lately (I’m not quite sure who exactly she has been, but I prefer the original) so I think a bit of encouragement and support did her good. She is extremely creative, but never seems to see herself that way.

Nicola had saved some chipped mugs for me, to use in my mosaics:

Not quite sure how I’m going to work them in yet, but perhaps I’ll be able to think of something so unusual and gorgeous that I’ll be spared the kind of comment I received from someone at our Open Day. She was looking at my mini mosaic mirrors on their little wire stands and she said, ‘You know, I have a friend who does mosaic work. She’s really good, and she sometimes gives lessons – why don’t you contact her and see if she can fit you in?’

To be continued…