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purple boots

Boots – purple – with fringy bits – on sale – what’s not to love?

boots 3

But I felt they needed more. As one does. I got busy with glitter glue, shell buttons, shiny thread, gold and silver fabric paint, and my glue gun.

boots 1

I’m undecided about the outcome. It’s possible that more glitter is required. Or beads. Yes, they need beads. Maybe even glitter beads. But even as they are, they’re just the sort of thing to wear guaranteed to repulse one’s offspring.


Cheap Luxury – Xmas craft #2

I quite enjoyed doing that super-quick crafty thing with tinsel and paint for Cheap Luxury yesterday, so here’s another one. I saw something similar done with toilet rolls on the internet somewhere, so I came up with a Christmassy variation:

1.  Flatten a toilet roll tube and cut into 4 equal sections.  You’ll need more than one tube per flower.

2.  Using a glue gun, glue five or six ‘petals’ together in the shape of a flower.

3. Spray with gold spray paint. I also used some gold glitter glue for sparkle.

4. When dry, stick a red button in the centre of the flower, tie on a bit of red ribbon, and hang up somewhere to catch the light or on your Christmas tree.

Once again, be VERY CAREFUL when you use a glue gun – those babies get super hot.

To be continued…