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fruity bits

Magnified 75,000 times, here is the first fruitling on the tomato plant Michele G gave me as a housewarming present in October.


Despite the drought, the baking sun, the Cape wind, and the very crap quality of soil that it has to deal with, it has managed to survive and FLOURISH!! It loves me!! ┬áIt will be rewarded with extra mulch and some rooibos-infused cool water a little later this morning after – wait for this…- after I’ve planted the baby melons.


They called to me yesterday at the nursery when I took Alex plant-shopping for her new flat and I couldn’t resist. If a single baby tomato can excite me, imagine the effect of six honeydew melon plants. It’ll be like having all my birthdays at once.

Last fruit-related thing for now: the granadilla at the front is laden with heavy harvest! I was very pleased to see the beautiful flowers start opening up in the spring but thought no more about it – so the emergence of the fruit came as an electrifyingly wonderful surprise. Like a miracle.


I hope you all find a little miracle of some sort or another today. xxx