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in a/the land down under – free headband pattern

I can’t get that bloody song by Men at Work out of my head, every time I think of Sharon in Melbourne and my headbands! I’m only really sure about three of the words and the order they’re in  — “land”, “down” and “under” — the rest I make up on an ad hoc basis.

headbands 208

So, with great thanks to Sharon down under, this pattern is good to go.  It’s going to feature in a kit (watch this space) but I also want to share it on my blog. The original stitch pattern is called Palm Leaves, and I’ve used it for blankets and scarves and other things, it’s very versatile. I’ve made these bands with Vinni’s Nikkim cotton and a 4mm hook.  The red violet is a new addition to Vinni’s colour range, and it’s divine.

I made this to fit an average adult woman’s head (e.g. mine! I hope you don’t think I have a big head!) but I’ve included an adjustment to the number of beginning chains if you need it smaller or bigger.

Note: I’m using British crochet terms here. 

Ch 73 (small),  76 (medium) or  79 (large).

Row 1   1ch, miss 1, *1dc in next st, 2ch, miss 2 sts*, repeat from * to * to end, 1dc in last st. Turn.

Row 2   3ch, 1tr in 1st dc, then 3tr in every following dc, and 2tr in last dc. Turn.

Row 3   1ch, 1dc in first tr, *2ch, 1dc in central tr of group*, repeat from * to *, 2ch 1dc in 3ch. Turn.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 twice.  Fasten off, leaving a long end.  With the yarn needle, use the long end of cotton to stitch the short sides of the band together. Weave the other end in neatly.

Sharon has her own blog, too, called Gentle Stitches She’s big on amigurumi (pun alert, get it?!!!) and does a lot of teaching, something I’ll never be good at, haha. She’s also a pretty fine tester :-)

Back soon x


Thursday this and that

Today’s been one of those days where I’ve been sort of busy-ish but feel like nothing really got done – so I’m trying to put that right, even though it’s getting late now and I’d prefer to be inching towards my bed and book and hottie.

I did manage to finish off the third headband which I’m thinking of using for kits.

headband 004

None of them look good on Carol, she’s got too much skin (yes, Trish, I agree), so I’ll have to try and chisel Alex out of bed 5 minutes earlier than usual tomorrow morning for some better photos.  I referred to my trusty old copy of the Knitting and Crochet Dictionary, and tried out the palm leaves stitch and the large granite stitch and think they both worked well.  I’ve often used palm leaves for blankets, and in fact I’d started another one waaaaay back at the beginning of last year before I jumped on Rachel’s CAL wagon and then got sidetracked by a thousand other things… In fact, where the hell is it, now that I think about it?

Anyway. I liked the way Mountain Mama had two rows of chain at the back of the band to hold it behind your head, so I adapted that idea for the purple one.  The lime one goes right round your head (no chain rows) so it’s quite nice and snug, and the yellow and grey one got a flower with a button.  I was reliably informed by the resident Style Police that I was wearing the headband “all wrong” in yesterday’s pic, by the way.  I fired eloquently right back:  “ag, whatever“.

headband   red mitts 001

I also managed to put together a very basic draft of a newsletter for Jam Tarts, which I’ve been meaning to do for over a year (!). It’s sitting in MailChimp ready and waiting for me to hit Send…and I have a whole three email addresses in the list of recipients – haha (one is Rob’s and one is my mother’s, so I don’t think they even count).  Anyone out there who’d like to get a Jam Tarts newsletter once or twice a month? Super short and sweet, I promise (just one pic of my hands in red mitts – please note I painted my nails specially).

Right, I think I can justify going to bed now. Night, all.


Been meaning to make myself a headband or three.  I mean, that’s why I grew my hair long, right, so that it has to be kept out of my face?! I found this pattern last night, by Mountain Mama, and whipped it right up*.  Took about 15 minutes. Instant gratification. Lovely pattern. And the size was perfect, I didn’t need to alter a thing.

headband 002

headband 001

Am so going to fire the make-up artist. Although Carol looks fine:

headband 003

Back soon x

* Used Vinni’s Nikkim in purple-pink, and a 4mm hook.