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statement chair?

It certainly was a statement when I first got my hands on it – or at least, it had lots of random words printed on the fabric, not all of which made sense, either seperately or together. Consequently, it was dubbed the Donald Trump chair.


It’s surprisingly comfortable and I thought would be pretty simple to recover (no arms or fiddly shapes). Please remind me to never ever underestimate a piece of furniture again!

But, the job is finally finished and I am definitely pleased with the result. I was able to make use of a beautiful piece of embroidered Indian fabric, the rest is upholstery fabric. There’s also some shocking pink lace.

chair 5

chair 6

The back:

chair 4

Not sure what kind of statement it makes now, but one thing is for sure – it wouldn’t find a home in the White House! I’m hoping it finds a good home somewhere near me, though, and sometime soon. Keep your fingers crossed x


Happiness unlimited

This funny little shop is in Rondebosch on the side road going past the police station and the end of the Anglican church property, but you can see it from Main Road.  I am always attracted to that Indian-style of bunting that hangs across doors and windows, but I know from going into shops like that regularly that it’s very expensive. Which is as it should be – it’s all exquisitely hand-embroidered with shisha mirrors and must take months to stitch.

This particular shop also stocks a variety of party things, masks, hats and scarves, and dress-up stuff.  I once bought a rainbow-striped velvet-covered stetson there for a friend’s rainbow party.  Hmmm, somewhere there’s a picture of me in that hat waving a marguerita around and trying to do the macarena!

But I digress. Happiness unlimited – what a marvellous and absurd and crazy concept.  Would that we could all achieve it.  (And what a great name for a shopful of glitzy Indian bling with my name on every single item.)

To be continued…