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test tubes

I have a little stash of test tubes, once given to me by a friend who worked in a lab (nearly 20 years ago!) Because I keep everything, I can now use a couple of these for rooting plants.

test tubes 004

I have had my angel-wing begonia for many years and am always snipping off bits to grow into new plants. The original cutting was given to me by Di, a wonderful friend with a brilliant sense of humour and excellent bridge-playing skills, who has – very very sadly – since moved to a higher plane. I still think of her often, and still laugh about the joke she told at our first bridge get-together, about the rabbi and the prawn. It’s a killer (and clean), but has to be heard, not read. Sorry.

test tubes 002       test tubes 005

And hanging from the burglar bars in the kitchen, it’s nicer than the view of the paving slabs. It’s a bit overcast here today THANKS BE (yesterday was a scorcher, still recovering).

Back soon x

Cheap Luxury – Xmas craft #1

Cheap Luxury is a South African blog run by Natalie and Elaine up in the Big Guava Johannesburg.  (We Capetonians have a reputation for thinking our city is superior to all others – sorry guys!).  The favourite joke a while ago, before the Transvaal became Gauteng, was:  What’s the definition of a Transvaler? Answer: Someone who can’t get a job in Cape Town.  (‘Gautenger’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?). Okay, sorry sorry guys, kidding.

So, I’ve been following Cheap Luxury for a while now and love the local tips and info about our own strange little world down here at the tip of Africa. They once featured me as a “Fabulous Follower” (here), and for weeks afterwards I was recognised by strangers in supermarkets and stalked by the paparazzi.

The girls asked if anyone wanted to submit ideas for affordable and quick xmas crafts, so I came up with this yesterday:

1. Clean an empty jar and paint the inside with red acrylic paint – just sort of swish around inside with a brush, doesn’t have to be perfect.  (I see that I left a bit of gluey stuff on one of my peanut butters jars – so don’t do that).

2.  Wind some thin wire tightly around the neck of the jar and make two loops, into which you hook another piece of wire for hanging.

3. Cut a piece of tinsel long enough to go round the top of the jar, and stick it in place with a glue gun.

4. Hang on something.

I thought these would look nice with a candle in (obviously being careful that the flame doesn’t catch the tinsel), or bits of hanging greenery. I don’t think I could think of anything much cheaper and easier to make, so they’re probably great for children (except the glue gun bit – ALWAYS be careful when using those things!). They could also stick on bits of glitter or sequins or stickers or whatever else their festive little hearts desire.

To be continued…