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a conversation with my mother

It had been a long, stressful, and emotionally draining day. The Highveld sun had made us hot and headachey on the long drives between any one place and any other in this triffid-like sprawl of a city. All I could think about as we got home was getting in the shower. My mother said she thought she’d have a lie-down for an hour.
me Good idea.
mom But maybe I’ll do the kitchen floor first.
me Okay.
mom Or is that weird? Should I have a rest first?
me I think you should do whatever you feel like. I’m sure the floor can wait.
mom I know but you know how I like to keep busy.
me Yes, I do know that. Clean the floor then.
mom But I really should have a lie down.
me Okay, do that then, and clean the floor later.
mom Your father used to say I was crazy the way I cleaned things all the time.
But I like cleaning, and I think it might even be therapeutic.

me After 78 years, you’re only realising that now?
mom Make fun if you like, I suppose you think you know everything about me.
me I’m not making fun, mom, but I am 53 so I think I do know quite a lot about you by now. I’ve seen you do a hell of a lot of cleaning over the years, and I know it’s your way of trying to
keep calm and work through your emotions and issues, and exert control over your environment
mom Great, now you’re a psychologist. Fine, I’m going to go and lie down then..
me Okay. But wait a minute…what’s that? In the corner by the fridge?
mom What? What?
me Oh jeez there’s a whole lot of crumbs on the floor.
mom Where’s my mop?
me I’d pull the fridge right out, if I were you, so you can clean behind it as well.
mom I will, I will. Where are you going?
me I’m going to have a lie down, and when I get up I’m going to come back to the kitchen to make coffee. Just make sure you’ve dried the floor properly before then..

Operation Revamp: Day #5

The worst is over: painting and cleaning accomplished, yucky old carpets and other stuff chucked out, decent but unwanted stuff sold on facebook or charitied, pile of stuff from patio back inside (thank you, strong Rob). Still more sorting of yarn and fabric necessary, but that will come later – because tomorrow I am going away for a week. Yes, bad timing, I know (story of my life). I didn’t fully comprehend the extent of the upheaval that Operation Revamp would entail, and I could do with another 1 or 2 days to complete the process. Also, I’ve lost more than 5 production days because of it. BUT I believe in the long run it will have been worth the expense and the effort – I definitely feel more positive about my living and working space, I have a better idea of the stock and materials I have banked up, and all mouse fossils and dust dragons from under the bed have been dealt with.

Here is a corner of my bedroom, the only 1-metre sq spot in the flat worth photographing right now.

pink chair
May not look like much to anyone else, but I’ve made me proud !

I’m going to Johannesburg tomorrow for a week to visit my mom. Karen and I are travelling together by train (her dad lives there, too) and we’re looking forward to a 26-hour journey across our wonderful country, with lots of crochet, music, pedicure tools and books to pass the time.

Back soon x

owl mitts

A shout-out to Janette at The Green Dragonfly for her lovely owl mitten pattern earlier this year. I note that she says she “whipped up a pair” for her daughter, and for some reason I spent days working on these (in between 6,000 other things).

I made these for Ms Anita and Ms Tanya Grasser, up in frosty Johannesburg.

owl mitts

A couple of these guys look a bit cross-eyed, but that is completely deliberate, ok, for extra character…

Back soon x