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Earring love

What can be sadder than a single broken earring? I seem to have a few lying around that I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw away. But guess what, they’ve just been given a new purpose!
I found this glass light fitting in a junk shop in Obs the other day. At R20 I thought I’d got a bargain, but it turns out to be cracked. (Clearly it’s found the right owner.) I didn’t really know what to do with it but I cleaned it and left it prominently on the kitchen counter so that I would be ready to do something with it when inspiration struck. That just happened. And now, it’s an earring chandelier!


I put it together with the help of my glue gun, some wire and some thin gold cord, then banged a nail into the wooden door frame of my lounge to hang it on.  Getting a light bulb inside it is a bit beyond me right now, but I like it purely for decoration. Plus, it’ll be just the thing that everyone cracks their head on when they come in the front door.

To be continued…