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hats to the left of me hats to the right here i am….

Winter’s a-coming here in Cape Town and it’s getting chilly, so I’m sitting at my desk right now with A BIG FAT BRIGHT GREEN BONBON on my head! Nice and warm, and helps to keep the energy flowing (hopefully).

Just a brief update on the crochet lessons – my first lesson last Thursday went really really well, no whiskey required. I have the loveliest ladies in the world and we all got off to a good start. Tomorrow is Lesson #2, and I should be seeing some completed or almost-completed scarves, which will get jazzed up with a crocheted flower brooch. We’ll move on to the half treble and treble stitches, and get started on the fingerless mitts. Homework will be granny squares. (Yes, I give homework.) We had tea and Oreos – I didn’t have time to bake my own cookies. Who am I kidding, like that’s ever going to happen!

I had a lot of requests from people who want to learn crochet but can’t make a lesson during the working week, so I’m starting a new group on Saturday 7 June. Already fully booked! (I don’t want more than 5 learners, it’s nice to be able to give individual attention).

And in other news, I made my first delivery to A Real Shop yesterday, of penguin beanies and Ellas. I’m really hoping they do as well there as the owner seems to think.  The shop is called This Shop Rox, by the way, and it’s in the Hout Bay harbour area.

I’ve also been snowed under making hats – Mindys, Ellas, newsboys, men’s hats and caps, BonBons and stinky fish. Yip, a LOT of stinky fish. Here’s darling Kate in her new rainbow stinky, and the larger one pictured below on Carol is a special order from Kate’s mom as a birthday gift for a friend.

kate pic  wed wed 2 wed 3 wed 4

wed 5 wed 6

It’s overcast and a bit drizzly here, so Carol kept yelling at me to hurry up with the pics because I insisted on taking them outside. Consequently, some of them are rather poor. I think she forgets who pays the rent around here!!!

Back soon x

Crochet lessons

The seed has been germinating for a while now, but it took a new friend to coax it from under the ground and into the sunshine. I met Susan at the second last Kirstenbosch Craft Market, when she was looking for a hat. While she was trying some on, she asked if I ever gave lessons. I said No (but in a nice way). She tried on more hats and couldn’t decide which one she liked best so I told her to take a stroll around the market wearing the hats (one at a time, obviously) to get a ‘good feel’. [Hats are like jeans, aren’t they? – they’re either absolutely right or completely and totally wrong.]

An hour later she still couldn’t decide, but she was very sweet and pleasant and so by then I found I had managed to string some words together along the lines of “… I really don’t mind giving an individual lesson, if you think you’d like that...”, and next thing I knew we had a proper arrangement.

Susan ended up buying all three hats, and we have now had two lessons.  (Did I forget to mention that she is left-handed? We seem to be finding our way through that little set back!).  I also decided that if I was going to do this at all, I may as well do it properly – so I came up with a four-week lesson plan for beginner crocheters, and advertised it on facebook and with an email newsletter.  Maximum five learners, a two-hour lesson once a week for four weeks, kit for fingerless mitts included, as well as tea and cookies.

for fb page      tea and cookies

The response was really encouraging, and we start Lesson No.1 on Thursday! It turns out that lots of people would like Saturday lessons because of their working week, and I’ve also been approached by a lady in Somerset West who is hoping I can get a group going out in that part of the world. But one step at a time. And maybe a tot of whiskey in that tea :-)