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Rest and recreation

Well, after yesterday, all I can conclude is that you lovely people out there have strong mental powers of encouragement and therapeutic support. I was being very pathetic, I know, but after a visit to the GP and some bed rest (quite a lot actually), I am ‘on the mend’ as my nanna used to say, and very ready to get myself to the market/fair in Vredehoek by 12 o’clock. Thank you for all your kind thoughts, they were and are much appreciated.

So, while resting, I made some new necklaces and prevailed on Alex to model them in the kitchen last night.

I have another 5 or 6 to do, and will get to them right after I’ve done this post. I also have to finish a couple of other things as well just now – pink chalkboard flowers, sew in ends of slippers and flower them up, rub down and polish up crucifixes, finish bigger owl’s eye and beak, and find the right shade for the whisky bottle lamp that Rob made. We figure that idea will be a big hit at Christmas, because when the multicoloured fairy lights inside it are turned on, it looks like Blackpool in a bottle!

Let me go do those things now, while my positive mood lasts :-)
Hope you all have a great Friday, and a fabulous weekend full of [insert your personal choice of favourite activities here].

To be continued…

Earring love

What can be sadder than a single broken earring? I seem to have a few lying around that I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw away. But guess what, they’ve just been given a new purpose!
I found this glass light fitting in a junk shop in Obs the other day. At R20 I thought I’d got a bargain, but it turns out to be cracked. (Clearly it’s found the right owner.) I didn’t really know what to do with it but I cleaned it and left it prominently on the kitchen counter so that I would be ready to do something with it when inspiration struck. That just happened. And now, it’s an earring chandelier!


I put it together with the help of my glue gun, some wire and some thin gold cord, then banged a nail into the wooden door frame of my lounge to hang it on.  Getting a light bulb inside it is a bit beyond me right now, but I like it purely for decoration. Plus, it’ll be just the thing that everyone cracks their head on when they come in the front door.

To be continued…

A short look at Long Street

After spending time with Avril on Sunday morning, who didn’t really need a crochet lesson as such because she picked it up like a natural, I decided to stop off in Long Street and check out the market at Zula Bar that Alex had told me about. It was very cute and very small and far too offbeat for the Jam Tarts line of baby blankets and mosaic mirrors, but I got some great pics in and around the place:

You know me – I was particularly interested in the whacky light fittings on the Royale balcony, and then that lovely Indiany one with triangles and shisha mirrors.

There are some extraordinary old buildings in that part of Cape Town, dating back to the early 1800s. Now if this was Joburg, they would have yanked them all down already and built a couple of malls, but one thing I love about Cape Town is that they really do try and hang on to the old stuff – even if it does get muralled and funked up and steampunked!

Avril sent me a photo at about 10h30 last night – she had continued with the granny square that I had started her off on, until she had no more wool left. I think we have a new crochet freak on our hands :-)

To be continued…

Bead me up, Scottie

Remember when the beading craze hit, about 10 – 15 years ago? I was running a needlework shop at the time, and twice a week the wonderful Caroline Smith used to come in and give beading workshops. I went a bit bead crazy myself, and still have a trillion beads stashed in various places. Even if I’m not making something with them, they are SO PRETTY to look at…

So, I made a couple of beaded sugar bowl covers. They can also be used to cover milk jugs, you know – when you’re serving tea to your friends in the garden in summer and you don’t want flies to go in? The beads around the net circle hold it down so it won’t blow off.  It’s a bit Victorian, I suppose, but that whole style made a big come-back.

I don’t know where mine are now, but here are some that a friend of Nicola’s made (so you get the idea):

And here is another one, now put into use as a decoration for a paper lantern light fitting:

All it needed was a bit of glue, some fray-stoppa and a pair of very sharp herb scissors!

To be continued…