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and it’s a wrap, folks

I happened upon this bracelet in a recent purchase of a random bag of beads from someone on Facebook. In between the silver bands it had a big horrible metal sticky-up thing with a plastic pearl stuck on top. I asked Andrew to remove it, knowing he’d have some sort of tool perfect for the job (his double garage is more of a workshop, it’s fabulous).

The cream fake-snake stuff was coming apart on the inside but I liked the shape and I really liked the metal clasp. I decided Something Could Be Done With It.

And so – after some wrapping using craft glue, strands of DMC embroidery cotton and some silver Madeira ribbon, and with the clever manipulation of a toothpick (so as not to get glue all over my hands and the desk – I have something rather attractive and wearable. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. #colourmehappy
Stay safe and sane out there, everyone :)

life-of-its-own bag?

I finished my doily bag last night.  It hasn’t turned out much like the image in my head (which was pretty fuzzy, granted), so I’m calling it the life-of-its-own bag.

 bag 3

bag 6 

Each side is a semi-circle, with a folded-over doily as the starting point. The finished thing is far too wide, so I gathered it up a bit in the corners.

bag 2

bag 1

It’s lined and has a fancy magnetic clasp, but — I know, it’s still WEIRD, right!?  Anyway, it is what it is and at least I got the idea out of my head now, and can go on to making something far more sensible.

Back soon x