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Weekend in review

Yikes, it’s Monday already.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I had an averagely productive one.  Could have done more but, hey, what’s a weekend without a couple of afternoon naps in it, right?

Got started on a new set of mosaic crucifixes (jigsawed by Rob):


Came close to finishing the shoulder sack that Tamara kindly sent me the pattern for:

Crocheted a shawl for Rabbit, with flower by Doreen:

And even got my hands dirty in the garden, filling a couple of black bags with weeds and getting some cuttings ready to pot up and give as a gift to an ex-colleague with a new garden:

Right, that’s that.  New week – new list.

To be continued…

A short look at Long Street

After spending time with Avril on Sunday morning, who didn’t really need a crochet lesson as such because she picked it up like a natural, I decided to stop off in Long Street and check out the market at Zula Bar that Alex had told me about. It was very cute and very small and far too offbeat for the Jam Tarts line of baby blankets and mosaic mirrors, but I got some great pics in and around the place:

You know me – I was particularly interested in the whacky light fittings on the Royale balcony, and then that lovely Indiany one with triangles and shisha mirrors.

There are some extraordinary old buildings in that part of Cape Town, dating back to the early 1800s. Now if this was Joburg, they would have yanked them all down already and built a couple of malls, but one thing I love about Cape Town is that they really do try and hang on to the old stuff – even if it does get muralled and funked up and steampunked!

Avril sent me a photo at about 10h30 last night – she had continued with the granny square that I had started her off on, until she had no more wool left. I think we have a new crochet freak on our hands :-)

To be continued…

a wonderful saturday after all

Our Constantia Open Day was — exhausting, wonderful, and best of all worthwhile! Even the sun came out for us. Megan’s original illustrations were the biggest hit of the day, and she sold thousands of cards and notebooks. Jane and Mary provided home-baked choc chip cookies and red velvet cupcakes, which were so good they have been commissioned to provide the treats for a Womens’ Day lunch late this week. An interesting offshoot!

Some pics in slideshot format for speed:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would highly recommend holding regular Open Days for small, growing businesses like ours because they are an excellent medium for showcasing concepts and getting feedback (with minimal cash outlay). What might seem like a genius item when you first produce it at home late one night might not actually appeal to Real People at all – and things that you don’t think will sell can surprise you. It’s damn hard to know what people want!

Jam Tarts is grateful to Jane and Craig Butters for the use of their house and garden. Thanks, guys. (Same time next month?) (and Craig, thanks for ordering a knitted warmer for a certain part of your body, I’ll get onto it right away and will be sure to make it XXL).

To be continued…


This time Zenzo ignored my brief almost entirely. I’d asked for zigzags but he went with loops.

But I think he knew what he was doing! I was so excited that I mirrored and tiled it up within 30 minutes of getting home.  It’s as yet ungrouted and unrubbed,  but I feel like I’ve invented the wheel or something.

Is it just me, or do you also think this is one of the most wire-alicious things you’ve ever seen?

To be continued…



And wire not?

I’ve mentioned Godfrey before. He’s the chap who makes beautiful things out of wire and beads, and sells them in Rondebosch on the pavement outside Woolworths. He works with Zenzo, and by now they have both got used to me popping up every now and then with a bit of wood or a sketch for a new idea, and asking them to see what they can come up.

This is what they did with my idea to attach wire around a little mosaic mirror, and then add curly bits.

Although it won’t work from the point of view of grouting (which gets done after the wire gets attached), I’m still fiddling with the edges because I love how it looks and it has a place waiting for it on Alex’s bedroom wall.

So, on to Creative Experiment #2.  The brief is to attach wire around the outer edges of the wood and then get a zig-zaggy thing going.  Hard to explain, but it’s  in my head and there’ll be no rest for me until I get what I want.

To be continued…