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Just got home from my first Swartland Skou in Moorreesburg (about 1.5 hrs from Cape Town, in wheat country). Four days of speaking Afrikaans, enduring the wind from the west coast, and sleeping in a bed that isn’t mine – new customers and the sales and orders make up for it, but boy it’s good to be home.

My mom and I drove through on Wednesday afternoon so we could take our time setting up. This is the little Victorian house we stayed in, along with Suzette and Antoinette, and later joined by Rob and Pierre, Suzette’s husband. (Superior strength and cooking skills —- men are so wonderful to have around at these events…!)


There was more farm equipment and vehicles on show than I knew existed. You wouldn’t want to mess with anyone driving one of these babies.


The first two days of the show, compared to recent years according to those traders who’ve gone there since it began, were comparatively quiet. Most of us only just managed to cover our costs by the end of the second day, which was a very bleak feeling. On the third day, however, everything suddenly came to life and it ended up being one of my most successful trading days ever. There are many many little kiddies in and around Moorreesburg with a Jam Tarts beanie on their heads right now!

Me with Suzette and Antoinette.

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I have four days before leaving for another market in Darling, this time the Wild Flower Show.

wild flowers

It’s going to be a busy busy week :-)