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another newsboy

I was looking for a waistcoat sewing pattern at Fabric City yesterday, and something else jumped out at me from the pattern book:

burda 3

I made it out of scraps because I didn’t know if I was going to like it much.

burda 1

As it turns out, I love it. I can bundle my hair up inside it on a stinky hot summer’s day (like today), plus it’s cooler than a crocheted or knitted hat. Cooler temperature-wise, not fashion-wise, that is. Just to be clear. You know I think nothing is cooler than crochet!

burda 2

Burda 8127, fyi.

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time trial

Yesterday Melissa at vuchickens asked how long it takes me to make a newsboy. I didn’t know then, but I do now.

I made this last night, using two strands of dk acrylic and a 5.00mm hook. The pattern is the one I always use (newsboy pattern), and I did it in the smallest size of the three given. I made sure to begin just as my favourite soapie was starting so I would be less distracted.

carol newsboy

It’s a bit tight on me but it fits Carol perfectly.

Excluding the time I spent weaving in the ends and sewing on a button, it took me 65 minutes. I was quite impressed with myself.  I estimate that the medium and large sizes would take about 10 to 15 minutes longer.  (I’d like to point out that I don’t usually try and work so fast, I prefer to get into the rythym of crocheting and enjoy the sense of calm it brings — I had to hose down the hook afterwards, it was smouldering!!!)

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I’ve been so caught up with the kids’ animal beanies that I completely forgot about the hats for women I’m supposed to be making. 50 of them. FIFTY!!! What was I thinking???
I do at least have a great pattern. And it was free from Red Heart. And I can now make it in my sleep. Here it is: newsboy pattern in case you ever want to have a bash.

I made this version with 2 strands of Vinni’s Nikkim cotton in Plum and a 5mm hook:

alex newsboy

And this version in a mystery acrylic with a 5.5mm hook:

hats 012

I should have left the modelling to Alex, hahaha!!!

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