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A really nice woman stopped at my stall at the KKnK Festival in March and suggested I get my products online. Properly. Not just facebook and some pretty pictures on a website. She called her daughter over to chat to me because it turns out she works for Shopstar, a South African online retail platform that is doing great things.

I set up my shop a few months ago but I wasn’t happy with the layout and the navigation, and realised that was why I wasn’t promoting it. I was stuck. Then it struck me – I don’t always have to do everything myself, so I called for professional help and got the amazing Dieke Hessels at KNNKT to rework it all for me.


She’s pruned and tidied and rearranged, and I’m very happy. The next step will be some more professional photographs, and I’ve asked Megan Andrews (freelance designer but also excellent camera woman) to help with that.

In the meantime, find me here: Jam Tarts, and feel free to place your orders!


proudly South African

Jam Tarts is listing on MyStall, an online shop that keeps it local. And local is lekker!


Jam tarts

I’ve only managed to get a few items up so far (and pretty late last night, too) but am planning to add loads more. Especially things that may not travel so well to distant lands, like mosaics, mirrors and frames.

I’m blown away by some of the talent and amazing design I see on this site, and think it has loads of potential. Click here to have a closer look.