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blown away

So, today would have been the second of four days at the Gift Fair at Cape Town’s Castle, but alas, it was not to be. The wind came bustling and billowing over the mountain with serious intent, and made it impossible to display anything made of fabric (like pillow cases and bedspreads!). Everything was everywhere, racks kept blowing over, gazebos were being lifted up and away in some cases, and it was just plain awful. Rob came to help me pack up early and that was the end of that. I’ve since chatted to the organisers, who were very understanding, because I’m not usually a giver-upper and wouldn’t have pulled out early just on a whim.

The silver lining is that I get to attend today’s evening market at Rondebosch instead:


…and then that, my friends, is my last market for 2016 !  There are plenty of things I need to attend to round the house, so I’m looking forward to having the space and time to do that.


It’s officially Spring –

which, for us informal traders and market vendors, means Market Time again. (For my overseas readers, winters are so wet and miserable in Cape Town that the open-air markets have to hibernate).

The first one for Jam Tarts is the Heritage Day market in Oranjezicht.

heritage day

Capetonians, click here to view the whole program: Heritage Day 2013

This is the fifth year this event is happening, and every year just gets better and better.  Amazing food, music, crafts, farm animals and, my all-time favourite, the Snake Man!!! Here’s a pic of me setting up at the very first Heritage Day market (short hair then, and NO CROCHET AT ALL!)


Back soon x