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shopping for plants

Desperate to take advantage of the season and start getting the garden blooming, I headed out last week to Bloemendal Nursery in Philadelphia (yes, we also have a Philadelphia here!), owned by a friend of mine and her husband. It’s a peaceful rural spot and, once away from the highways and city noise and traffic, I can understand why people who live in the country always seem happier than those of us who don’t.

I hadn’t quite realised the extent of the nursery, however.  I made a goodly selection of plants and seedlings from my first stop…


…only to find another meadow-sized section of nursery…


…and then a further eight fields! Quite a range of plants to choose from, but luckily I had Heather’s advice on what would grow best where. Let’s just say I came home with a fully-packed car. But not before I was offered coffee and lunch (thanks, Fiona and Charlie), and came across a few herds of these bad boys:


Worst nightmare = locusts. Live ones. Live, moving, rustling ones. In packs.  shudder 


production scheduling….

I see I have 9 market days between now and leaving for the Village Green craft market in Grahamstown at the beginning of July. In an attempt to be more organised than ever before in my entire life, I have set up a “bag system”.  I now have a different bag for each “bigger” market, like Philadelphia and the Olive Festival, otherwise I’m not going to be as well-stocked as I would like. This should avoid frantic late-night sewing at the last minute. In theory at least.

The idea is that, once a hat has been bagged, it is not allowed to be taken out for sale at another market in between.  Rob got out his calculator the other day and came up with a ridiculous number of hats that should be my ideal quota for the day. I was quite put out by this, and had to take a nap immediately.

market bag

Here is the Philadelphia bag. The market is on Saturday 18 April and the bag currently contains nine ten hats.  The Grahamstown bag, which is the biggest bag I could find, is up to twelve. There are a few hundred some half-finished hats lying around, but I’m not allowed to count these yet.

bag counter