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And another birthday – gone, just like that!

I had the most wonderful day yesterday, for my birthday.
Daughter = happy, healthy, loving, beautiful, back in Cape Town where I can keep an eye on her.
Partner = considerate, kind, funny, loving and generous.
Mother = generous, kind, thoughtful, and got the day right for once.
Friends = some old, some new, all really lovely and definitely worth keeping.
Weather = perfect Spring day in Cape Town. A miracle!
Presents = a lot. Not that things in themselves are important to me, ahem, but damn I got some good ones…
Food = pizza and Swiss chocolate (not combined) = heaven.
Crafting time = got me some of that, too. Mosaiced seven crosses and finished 2 pairs of slippers.
Reading time = check. Reading a great murder horror mystery thing set in drugged-up California in the 70s.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10 = life is almost too good to be true. I am very aware of the corniness inherent in that statement, and I try to maintain an image of myself of Most Uncorny Person Ever (haha), but maybe I am not so cynical after all (deep down). Anyway, whatever I am, whatever the past threw at me, whatever the future holds, right now at this time, I am happy and grateful for all the good things in my life.
Now, who moved my prozac?…