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It’s Friday again? already?

How did that happen, that the last week flew by faster than a hungry leopard? (This is Africa, okay? I’m allowed to use metaphors with wild animals in them – even if they aren’t brilliantly clever).

What happened back there? First off, Jam Tarts had a very happy day at the Kirstenbosch Market on Sunday. After weeks of fruitless foraging for a clothes rail through the junk shops of Cape Town, Rob made us one out of pvc piping. Genius! You can see it here, to the left of our tables. We weighted it down with sandbags because this is, after all, the windiest place on the entire continent sometimes.  Looking at the photo now, I can see they need a bit of dolling up (pom poms, maybe?) And if you look very carefully, I think you can just see Rob sitting under the tree.


Some customers got beautiful new cotton beanies, made by the Beanie Queen, Anne!




Myself, I’m still on the search for the perfect hat pattern. I’ve just finished this one, and guess what? – it’s not it. A luta continua.


A happier outcome: Vinni’s amazing burnt orange Nikkim inspired me to make this simple cotton scarf shaped like a wide V.  Loopy sort of edging in Blue Canard. Took 2 hours!  Love that, love anything quick. I seem to be wearing a lot of grey and sludge green this autumn so the orange pop should be good for brightening me up.


Sheep needed something to keep warm, it’s getting pretty chilly at night here now. This was the beginning of a shawl that Anne was making and halfway though she decided she didn’t like it. I’ve been getting much better at not just losing patience and ripping things out if I don’t like them, and I’m sure when Anne sees this picture, she will see the value in Finding Another Purpose for Something that was originally meant to be Something Else.


That’s probably about it for now.

Later this morning I’m meeting someone who is redecorating her 10-yr old daughter’s bedroom and would like some crochet cushions and various trimmings to “funk” things up a bit.  Her word. I don’t feel very people-persony today, but I’ll start by getting dressed and putting on some lipstick, and maybe it’ll come…

Happy weekend to you all.
Back soon. x