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another Kalk Bay Sunday

As one so often finds on a beautiful Sunday in autumn, a trip to the hardware store is essential. We usually go to Builders Warehouse in Tokai, which is so huge that we always find what we need and then some but, at the same time, we can’t take more than thirty minutes of the mega-store atmosphere and thousands of small children.
So we carried on down the coast to Kalk Bay.
The sea was an incredible, intense blue, and this chap seemed happy to be out on it. 

A little market had been set up next to the station, with a few very small nods to Queen Elizabeth II’s long service award.

Coffee and cheesecake was served right next to the line, and if it wasn’t a Sunday one would presumably have to put up with an earth-shattering roar every 15 to 20 minutes as a train thundered past.

It’s always useful to come across other people’s ideas, especially if you would be unlikely to ever dream them up yourself. And also especially if they are really stupid because then you can avoid similar idiocy. Like using old handbags as planters.

Leaving the market, I heard Mystic Rose across the road calling me. It’s one of my favourite shops and I was obviously meant to be there today because the magic 4-letter word was up.

After that, we carried on a bit further south to Glencairn Heights because my mother had phoned me on the way to say that there had been an attempted break-in at her holiday house up on the hill. I didn’t have any keys with me but Rob leapt determinedly over the wall and checked things out. He found a large rock on the deck which had most likely been thrown at the glass doors, as the glass was cracked. No doubt that was when the alarm went off, to the great joy of the neighbours, probably at about 4.00am. Nothing else to report, no actual entry. Always a relief.

Turn left, it’s time to go home.

To be continued…