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A bit of relief

I was taught a new stitch yesterday by Doreen, who, at 82, has been a crafter all her life and is still busy as ever with her hook.
She was shown this stitch when she was a new bride at 19 in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) by her neighbour, Tannie Hannie, who took Doreen under her able, ample wing and trained her in the ways of domestic business and homemaking.

Neither of us knows if this stitch has a name. I’ve looked in the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework, and the closest I can find is Relief Stitch or Open Ridge Stitch, but I’m sure there are many many varieties of these.

It works up really quickly. Doreen uses it for pretty much everything but especially bags and blankets, and can do it in her sleep with her eyes closed.

This is one of her bags that she has given me as inspiration:

So, I’m currently busy with Tamara’s shoulder sack and will make every attempt to finish it before starting something new with the Doreen. (Guess that’s its name, now!)

To be continued…