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Shoulder wrap thingie

Here is an example of what happens when an idea crosses my mind and loiters around for a bit…and I start making something without thinking about the end result.

I was trying to come up with a shrug-type garment, crocheted in one piece, and where I could use a whole lot of different yarns together. I did a bit of sketching but didn’t get very far, then I did a bit of measuring of existing shrugs and also didn’t get very far, so then I just started. After a couple of rows, I’d already changed my mind about the end product and had a vague memory of something else that might work better:


I love this idea. I don’t know why I haven’t made it already. The pattern comes from a UK magazine called Bits and Pieces (no designer name listed).  I thought perhaps the Thing That Doesn’t Know What It Is could become one of those.  As I was weaving the ends in, I decided it wouldn’t look right either – so eventually I just stuck a pin in the front and christened it Shoulder Wrap Thingie.

100_6575 100_6573

Bit odd, but I like the colours. When I was expressing my doubts about it during the photo shoot, Alex said, “I think it’s lovely and it would be perfect for a creative, middle-aged person.” Right.

[Note to self: stick to other people’s patterns in future.]

To be continued…