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back to business :)

It looks like the most disruptive part of that messy business is behind me, so I’m back home and getting back into a productive work routine.

I’ve found knitting has helped me keep calm, especially since I am really really slow at it….  I’ve been trying out different hat patterns so my knitting ladies have samples to work from.  (I have another one on board now, and I didn’t even have to look for her, she found me!).

knitted hats

I also fitted in a pair of shark slippers for the girlfriend of a customer’s son, who is having a birthday today and is mad about sharks. Her boyfriend is treating her to a shark cage diving expedition… some people are craaaaazzzy.

shark slip 2     shark slip 1

Apparently they were all ecstatic about the slippers, but I have to say I wouldn’t make them again in a hurry. Too fiddly for my liking!!! I like more instant gratification.

I have also been sewing, which is fast becoming my preferred activity right now. I have boxes and boxes of leftover bits of fabric from Suzette (who makes cushions) and decided to make them up into patchwork bags.  I love mixing different colours and textures, but what I love most is making something useful out of someone else’s discards.

patchwork 3   patchwork 1 patchwork 2

They’ll get a lining and a bit of velcro to close but nothing fancy because I’d like to keep the price as low as possible. They’ll be coming to the Rondebosch Market with me on Saturday, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for another sunny winter’s day.


I need a man (part 2)

More experimenting with slippers for men:

slippers man

Going for a tweed look now, with natural and a dark grey cotton combined. Higher at front, squarer at toe. The ones pictured are a size 8/9. Have to say, uses up a lot more yarn than the women’s ones, and of course most men have BIGGER FEET as well, so will use up even more yarn per pair and will take longer in the making. Rob tried one of these on and said,  “Wow, this is even comfier than a stokie”  (I think you have to be South African to know what a stokie is, sorry.) but he didn’t comment on the look of them.  Richard saw the photo and said, “Hmmm, for my demure side” – frankly I have no idea what he meant by that.

So, once again – Brad? James? Frank? Mary-Anne’s husband? Rugged and manly enough for you? Seriously, all comments appreciated and taken seriously.

Back soon x

I need a man

wait, that sounds wrong – I mean, I need a man’s opinion!
I’ve had two orders for slippers for men, so needed something with a squarer shape and more ‘masculine’ look. I decided to purchase another pattern from Tara Murray on etsy at Mamachee because her womens’ slipper pattern has been such a hit and I love it.

Here’s my version for the boys:
100_7288 100_7289

and I’d really like a man to comment on (a) the colour, (b) the shape, (c) the button strap, and (d) anything else? Maybe a man wouldn’t be keen to put anything crocheted on his big manly feet at all? (although the fact that I’ve already had orders suggests otherwise). I am still searching for a cotton or yarn equivalent to the chunky natural one I use, but in different colours. I have even asked a hand-dye company if they would dye for me but apparently it wouldn’t work well on very thick and already-twisted cotton. Using two strands of DK cotton doesn’t work either, it’s still too ‘floppy’ for slippers.

Anyone? Rob? Brad?

my jeans have shrunk!

Right, that’s it, I’m going back to Weigh-Less. About two years ago I reached my ‘goal’ weight and felt happier, healthier, and a whole lot more cougar-ish (ha ha). But I’ve managed to let a good few kilos slide back into their old positions since then, and now I must face the consequences. All my jeans have shrunk. I’ve found a group in Gardens that meets at 9.45 on Saturday mornings, so I’ll be on my way there shortly.

Yesterday (Friday) afternoon on the couch was so peaceful: crochet, David Attenborough, and a box of rusks.

100_7068 100_7069 100_7070

There are another three discs in the Life series for me to watch while I make my slippers, but clearly I’ll have to switch to carb-free viewing from now on. Sigh.

Back soon x

this, that and the other

The stepping stones have had their first layer of grout, and now that it’s dry they get one more layer and then a slick of sealer. (I know I was aiming for Finished Object Friday – but I didn’t say which Friday, did I?)


Alex’s knitting continues. She’s finished the rib and is on the stocking stitch rows, and this evening we’ll change colour. Excitement!


I’ve been making some beanies for Cupcake Mummy’s Pay it Forward idea. I pledged 5 but I’ve already nearly finished the fifth one and I’m enjoying them so much I should probably be able to get a couple more finished in time.


Just as well they can be all different sizes – all of these were done with the same size hook but I used different thicknesses of wool. The turquoise one would fit Conan the Barbarian!

I’ve also been busy with my cotton house slippers. I’ve come up with the incredibly brilliant idea (at least I think so) of sewing on a non-slip undersole.  It’s easy to slip on tiles or wood, which so many people have in their homes, and I would be horrified if my slippers were the cause of anyone’s accident.


At our last Kirstenbosch Market on 31 March, the slippers were a really hot item so I’m going to be making loads more and am also thinking it might be a good idea to list them on etsy as well.

Even better, Jam Tarts has just been made a permanent vendor at this particular craft market, which is completely wonderful and fabulous for us.  It has been running for over 20 years, and really offers an incredible and comprehensive range of art and craft, all handmade South African stuff – no imports, nothing mass-produced! The market is on the last Sunday of every month, excluding June, July and August, so the next one is on 28 April. Try not to miss it.  Unless you live in Wichita or Perth, obviously…

Back soon x