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some scrappy bits

This image caught my eye (both eyes actually) on pinterest recently, and it’s been at the back of my mind for a while.  It also doesn’t hurt that Kate from Chiconia emails to ask me if I have any scrappy posts from time to time…


(Credit here)

I really liked the simplicity of making a square out of three strips, and then sewing them together with the strips in different directions. So I squeezed a few strips (30 by 12cm) out of the bedspread ‘leavings’, and found it didn’t even take as long to sew them up as I’d anticipated – obviously it helps that I’m not doing anything on a teeny weeny scale!


How dull they look next to the crimsons and shocking pinks above, but I’m working with what I’ve got since the idea is to use up the scraps, right? … but oh how I do love those clashing vibrant colours all mixed up together!


I think I’m also not very professional at mixing my fabric patterns, but I like the way my combinations turn out – very often based on which bits of material are immediately at hand, and what “order” they’re in!  If there’s no random element to this at all, then it loses its appeal for me.

CAL with Rachel*, squares #5, #6 and #2 (repeat)

Squares #5 and #6 = fabulous patterns. I’m very pleased with my efforts here, and will definitely use the stitch in #5 in other projects. (I feel a lampshade coming up….)

Then I looked at my square #2 again, and thought I’d done it badly enough that I should rip out and redo it. So, that’s the third one in this pic.

I’d decided that square #7 was yucky and that I’d give it a miss, but I’ve looked at it more closely and realise that the built-in corner thingie could be pretty damn useful in a blanket. Plus, what puts me off the most is that emerald green – maybe I’ll like it more in my own colour combo. #8 and #9 look wonderful, but I’ll have to pace myself – got orders to finish over the next couple of days (not complaining, mind you!)

* Link to Rachel’s blog here.

To be continued…